The Secret World’s 2nd Anniversary Event Guide!
The Secret World’s 2nd Anniversary Event Guide!

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Love & Loathing and a Huge Anniversary Event!

The Guardians of Gaia are here to wreak havoc on The Secret World! All the golems from last year are back plus a new golem has arrived in Tokyo! During this event, everyone who logs in during the first week of the event can take advantage of the buffs that grant extra AP, black bullion, aurei from scenarios, and Tokyo research data! The event will only be available for two weeks!


For up to-the-date information on the Guardians of Gaia event curteousy of toafarmer, check out the forum FAQ:

Also be sure to join the event channel by typing: /chat join #Event


New Anniversary Additions:

World Boss: The Patchwork Horror


A new golem world boss has been added to Kaidan! The Patchwork Horror is the first of its kind: An evolved creature with all three AEGIS shield types (psychic/cybernetic/demonic). The one thing to watch out for is his cast of Ad Nauseum Overload. This will stun you for a number of seconds based on the number of stacks you have of The Tube Also Stares Into You. To avoid stacks of this debuff you can turn around and not face the boss. Upon killing The Patchwork Horror, a mission will be awarded with a new reward bag!

Mission: The Patchwork Horror (2 hour cooldown)


  • 398,940 XP
  • The Patchwork Horror (Binds when Picked Up)
  • 20,000 PAX

The Patchwork Horror reward bag can contain (in progress):

  • AEGIS Capacitor
  • AEGIS Module
  • Anniversary Flare Gun
  • Astral Fuse (unconfirmed)
  • Augment Resonator
  • Augment Resonator
  • Augment Resonator
  • Black Bullion
  • Corrupted SD Card 1 (awards Anomalies of the Filth Black Signal lore #1)
  • Corrupted SD Card 2 (awards Anomalies of the Filth Black Signal lore #2)
  • Corrupted SD Card 3 (awards Anomalies of the Filth Black Signal lore #3)
  • Corrupted SD Card 4 (awards Anomalies of the Filth Black Signal lore #4)
  • Corrupted SD Card 5 (awards Anomalies of the Filth Black Signal lore #5)
  • Criterion Upgrade (unconfirmed)
  • Hakama, white (clothing, legs)
  • Jingasa hat, white (clothing, head)
  • Kimono, white (clothing, chest)
    (special thanks to Anua for the full set picture!)
  • Research Data (XP for AEGIS Controllers)
  • Patchwork Mech-Man (a brand new mini-pet)

  • Sequins of Sunrise (1-7)
  • Signet Bag
  • Signet Bag
  • Signet Bag
  • Supernal Diode (unconfirmed)
  • Third Core Capacitor (unconfirmed)

Lore: Anomalies of the Filth

Along with the new golem, comes eleven new lore items to find! Six from the buzzing, five from the black signal!

The Buzzing #1 (658,434)

(Along the wall on the south side of the map)

The Buzzing #2 (253,416)

(On a pile of rubble near the first breach)

The Buzzing #3 (441,737)

(Near a filth cocoon towards the center of the map)

The Buzzing #4 (866,532)

(By a tree near The Patchwork Horror spawn point)

The Buzzing #5 (415,633)

(Follow a light that spawns after The Patchwork Horror dies and it will summon the lore)

The Buzzing #6 (385,719)

(Up the stairs)

The Black Signal #1

(Corrupted SD Card 1 from The Patchwork Horror reward bag)

The Black Signal #2

(Corrupted SD Card 2 from The Patchwork Horror reward bag)

The Black Signal #3

(Corrupted SD Card 3 from The Patchwork Horror reward bag)

The Black Signal #4

(Corrupted SD Card 4 from The Patchwork Horror reward bag)

The Black Signal #5

(Corrupted SD Card 5 from The Patchwork Horror reward bag)

*Update – SD Cards will become a guaranteed drop: See the post here.

Achievements: Technophobia & Happy Feet


For killing The Patchwork Horror in Kaidan (southeast corner of the map – use #Event channel and find others who have found him). The achievement awards the title: Technophobe


When a large group of pet golems congregate, happy feet can happen! Have your friends bring their pet golems to the golem party!


 Anniversary 2013 Rehash:



The Bigger They Are

Kill all 8 Guardians of Gaia

  • Pitiqtu Nasiru
  • Anzanunzu Nasiru
  • Isatis Nasiru
  • Erbu Nasiru
  • Abnu Nasiru
  • Basi Nasiru
  • Halbu Nasiru
  • Kasu Nasiru
  • Kaspu Nasiru – Optional Fusang Boss (not confirmed for 2014)

When Completing the Achievement, you’ll get the [Gaia Rocks t-Shirt]!


Written in Stone
Fill out all lore entries in the Guardians of Gaia section.

Lore Locations:

Special Thanks To ‘Martlet’ for providing screenshots!

  • Kingsmouth   ( 685 , 695 ) Lore #1  east of the scrap yard, next to a shed. (Screenshot)
  • Savage Coast  ( 20 , 565 ) Lore #2 far western edge of the zone, on a cliff.  (Screenshot)
  • Blue Mountain  ( 618 , 258 ) Lore #3  On the side of a cliff, approach from the top.  (Screenshot)
  • Scorched Desert  ( 524 , 637 )  Lore #4 – In the burning scar  (Screenshot)
  • City of The Sun God   ( 760 , 893 )  Lore #5  North East, In Mama El-Al-Hiram (Screenshot)
  • Besieged Farmlands   ( 1223 , 1259 ) Lore #6  Outside the Agartha Portal. (Screenshot)
  • Shadowy Forest  ( 445 , 546 )  Lore #7  Under the bridge.  (Screenshot)
  • Carpathian Fangs   ( 473 , 1219 ) Lore #8 Outside Agartha   (Screenshot)
  • Fusang Projects    ( 513 , 519 ) Center Facility  (Screenshot(not confirmed for 2014)
  • Guardians of Gaia Lore #9 (In Fusang Projects last year) Is now in Agartha on the broken end of the Tokyo branch ( 315 , 52 )

Spawn Locations:

Each boss has 15,000,000 Health.

  • Pitiqtu Nasiru – Kingsmouth  ( 722, 686 ) (Screenshot)
  • Anzanunzu Nasiru – Savage Coast ( 41 , 590 )  (Screenshot)
  • Isatis Nasiru – Scorched Desert  ( 510, 672 )   (Screenshot)
  • Erbu Nasiru – Shadowy Forest ( 458 , 571 ) (Screenshot)
  • Kaspu Nasiru – Fusang Projects (Center Area) (not confirmed for 2014)
  • Abnu Nasiru   – Blue Mountain  ( 625 ,  295 )  (Screenshot)
  • Basi Nasiru – City of the Sun God  ( 760 , 893 )  (Screenshot)
  • Halbu Nasiru – Beseiged Farmalands ( 989 , 936 )
  • Kasu Nasiru – Carpathian Fangs ( 322 , 690) (Screenshot)


Upon killing one of the guardians, you’ll get a completed mission based on the zone and guardian you’ve just killed.

Kingsmouth:  The Guardian of Earth
Savage Coast:  The Guardian of Water
Blue Mountain: The Guardian of Stone
Scorched Desert: The Guardian of Fire
City of the Sun God: The Guardian of Sand
Besieged Farmland: The Verdant Guardian
Shadowy Forest: The Guardian of Pestilence
Carpathian Fangs: The Guardian of Ice

Fusang:  The Guardian of Strife (not confirmed for 2014)

The Guardian of:  Earth, Water, Stone, Fire, Sand, etc…
XP:  398,940

PAX: 20,000
[Purple Loot Bag]  (see below)

These missions are on individual cool downs of 2 hours for each boss.  Meaning you can only receive each mission reward bag once every 2 hours per character.

Loot – Pets:

[Genizah of the Living Clay] – Drops from Pitiqtu Nasiru in Kingsmouth
Mini Pet:  [Shem of the Living Clay]

TSW Shem of Clay Pet

[Genizah of the Raging Torrent]  – Drops from Anzanunzu Nasiru in the Savage Coast
Mini Pet:  [Shem of the Raging Torrent]

Shem of the Raging Torrent Pet

[Genizah of the Flowing Stone] – drops from Abnu Nasiru Blue Mountain  – Thanks ‘Shen-Lung’ and ‘Bibie’ for the screenshots!


[Genizah of the Liquid Fire] – Drops from Isatis Nasiru in Scorched Desert
Mini Pet:  [Shem of the Liquid Fire] 


[Genizah of the Unforgiving Sand] – Drops from Basi Nasiru in City of the Sun God
Mini Pet:  [Shem of the Unforgiving Sand]


[Genizah of the Elder Forest ] – Drops from Halbu Nasiru in Besieged Farmlands
Mini Pet: [Shem of the Elder Forest]


[Genizah of the Crawling Plague] – Drops from Erbu Nasir in Shadowy Forest
Mini Pet: [Shem of the Crawling Plague]


[Genizah of the Frozen Truth] – Drops from Kasu Nasiru in Carpathian Fangs
Mini Pet: [Shem of the Frozen Truth]


[Genizah of the Lunar Metal] – Drops from Kaspu Nasiru in Fusang (not confirmed for 2014)
 Mini Pet: [Shem of the Lunar Metal]


Loot – Cosmetics:

The [Eye Patch, Black], (Obtainable Random Drop From Solomon Island Guardians)

TSW Eyepatch


The [Monocle, black frame]  (Obtainable from Egypt Guardians) – Thanks ‘Z-n’ for the submission!



The Green Glowing Eyes – (Obtainable random drop from Transylvania Guardians) – Thanks ‘Z-n’ For the submission!



Loot – Other:

  • Anniversary Flare Gun
  • Green Signet Bag
  • Blue Signet Bag
  • 2-4 Black Bullion – From Solomon Island Guardians
  • 3-6 Black Bullion – From Egypt Guardians
  • 4-8 Black Bullion – From Transylvania Guardians
  • Criterion Upgrade (added in 2014) – unconfirmed




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