The Secret World: Update 1.9.1 Patch Notes – July 3rd
The Secret World: Update 1.9.1 Patch Notes – July 3rd

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Update Notes Issue #9: The Black Signal - Game Update 1.9



  • Fixed a typo in Inbeda’s dialogue.
  • Lethal Weapon – Leather jacket with lowered hoodie, brown can now be worn with hats.
  • Orochi Drones in Kaidan now have subtitles when warning potential intruders.
  • Removed a bit of excess chaos from the Dragon faction intro video.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue with effects that should address at least some of the performance drops seen if you are logged in for a long time.
  • Increased the number of characters allowed when linking builds from Gear Manager.
  • Adjusted the Kaidan minimap to more accurately represent the playfield.
  • Video tutorial now pops up when you unlock AEGIS controllers.



  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause AEGIS swap button tooltips to become stuck on screen.
  • Fixed a case where need/greed windows were stuck on screen after changing playfields.
  • Fixed a case where the achievement window would open with the incorrect size.
  • Made improvements to the performance of the buff list.
  • Fixed a case where the Raid UI would not remember its position or visible state.
  • Fixed a case where the Raid UI would display improperly.
  • Added a new interface option under Interface Options -> General:Added an option to the Team UI menu to dock the defensive target display beneath the Team UI
    • AEGIS -> Show Aegis Swap UI will toggle the Aegis Swap UI on or off.
  • Added several new interface options under Interface Options -> HUD:
    • BUFFS -> Show buffs on team will toggle the display of buffs active on team members.
    • BUFFS -> Show buffs on defensive target will toggle the display of buffs on your defensive target.
    • BUFFS -> Show buffs on self will toggle the display of buffs running on you.
    • BUFFS -> Show buffs on target will toggle the display of buffs running on your target.
    • CAST BARS -> Show player cast bar will toggle the player cast bar.
    • CAST BARS -> Show target cast bar will toggle the target cast bar.
    • CAST BARS -> Show dodge cooldown bar will toggle the dodge cooldown bar.
    • NOTIFICATIONS -> Show sign up notifications will toggle the display of PvP and LFG sign up notifications.
    • NOTIFICATIONS -> Show game notifications will toggle the display of AP, SP, Petition, Delivered Items, and unlock notifications.
    • NOTIFICATIONS -> Show event notifications will toggle the display of all notification animations.
    • HUD ELEMENTS -> Show top bar menu will toggle the top bar on or off.
    • HUD ELEMENTS -> Enable team window will toggle the team window on or off.
    • HUD ELEMENTS -> Enable defensive target display will toggle the defensive target display on or off.
    • HUD ELEMENTS -> Show ability bar will toggle the ability bar on or off.
    • HUD ELEMENTS -> Show player info will toggle the player info display on or off.
    • HUD ELEMENTS -> Show target info will toggle the target info display on or off.
    • HUD ELEMENTS -> Enable combat display will toggle the combat indicator on or off.
    • HUD ELEMENTS -> Show chat window will toggle the chat window on or off.



  • Small Biohazard Containers will now award PAX if it is unable to award AEGIS research data.
  • AEGIS Memory Expansion Modules should now show up in the correct section of marketplace searches.
  • Signet Extractor should now work properly on Amaterasu’s Band, Susanoo’s Ring, and Tsukuyomi’s Knot when they have the Signets of the Howling Oni, Laughing Shisa or Singing Tengu attached.




  • Corrected temporary names in the combat log for some Kaidan spirit abilities.
  • Evolved Filth Male Tentacle’s “Tentacle Burst” spell can now be silenced.
  • Dacian Pureblood’s Pack Runner adds now properly despawn. Additionally, Dacian Pureblood may now only have 2 Pack Runners active at a time.


  • Changed From the Abyss to proc every 3 hits instead of 6 while scaling damage accordingly and increased overall damage output of this ability.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing Black Hole to only hit twice.
  • Updated the tooltip for Chaotic Pull to include the fact that it applies Impaired.


  • Live Wire now builds two additional counters if the targets dies shortly after being hit by the damage proc.
  • Changed Toxic Earth into a new ability named Toxic Affinity. This passive ability now increases the duration of all Afflictions by 35% and the crit chance of afflictions by 10%.
  • Updated Big Bang’s tooltip to reflect the number of targets affected by this passive ability and the range of the ability.
  • Increased damage on Conditional force and removed cooldown.
  • Increased damage on Magnetic Wipe.
  • Increased damage on Hard Reset.


  • Changed Thunderstruck to now have a proccing damage effect that occurs when you critically hit a weakened target.


  • Updated all spells that cause Feral Regrowth to show the range of potential healing in the advanced ability descriptions. The following abilities were changed:
    • Savage
    • Berserk
    • Wild at Heart
    • Tear ‘Em Up
    • Creature Comfort
  • Updated all spells that cause Savage Sweep to show the range of potential damage in the advanced ability descriptions. All 5 buffs that the player can get from Savage Sweep have had their ability descriptions updated. The following abilities were changed:
    • Savage
    • Hog Wild
    • Surgical Steel
    • One-Two


  • Updated the tooltip of Health Drone to make it clear that it cannot heal the player casting it.
  • Updated the ability tooltip of Health Drone to list the range that the drone heals.
  • Included a tooltip with the buff that Health Drone casts on the player to provide some feedback about what the drone is doing. 

Assault Rifles

  • Changed Demolition, Man to proc on consumer use. This ability now deals damage based on whether you are facing the affected target when the charge detonates. 5 Second internal recharge time. Cannot glance on targets hit by this ability’s better effect.
  • Explosives Expert can no longer benefit from Elemental Force and other damage increasing passives.


  • Added a debuff to targets hit by Provoke that will force them to attack the caster for 3 seconds.

Signets and AEGIS

  • Quadrupled the hate generated by all Signets of Hatred.
  • Damage dealt by Weakening Bypass Modules is now displayed correctly.
  • Increased the time it takes for an enemy to reapply their Psychic AEGIS by 4 seconds.
  • Increased the delay time before a Cybernetic AEGIS will regenerate by 3 seconds.
  • Suffering and Solace will now correctly go on cooldown when swapping AEGIS Controllers.
  • AEGIS impact effects will now only play for your own attacks.



The Savage Coast

  • Carter Unleashed – Having a Portable Ward Generator from previously pausing the mission will no longer prevent this mission from updating when picking up a new Portable Ward Generator.
  • The Faculty – The War Golem encounter during Tier 5 should now properly reset under all conditions.
  • The Faculty – The War Golem encounter can no longer be fought outside of its intended arena.

The Blue Mountain

  • The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn – Resolved an issue that could prevent mission advancement when having a full inventory at the CDC camp.
  • Win Win – Fixed a rare condition that could cause the objective to sometimes not advance past “Go to the science terminal” on Tier 3.
  • Dreamcatcher – Fixed a rare case where it was possible to block mission progression on the first 2 tiers.
  • Echoes of Eternity – The military radio is once again picking up a signal, and now functions as expected.

The Shadowy Forest

  • Metal Detective – Fixed a case where it may be possible to lose the tracker item required for the mission.


  • Preludes and Intrigues – Fixed a typo in the Dragon cinematic.
  • Runaway Circus – The player character should now appear at the beginning of the cinematic played at the end of this mission.
  • Right of Way – Oni in the sewers will now properly play AEGIS destruction effects when their AEGIS is destroyed.
  • The Pachinko Model – Examining the pachinko machine no longer solves for the whole group.
  • Texts – Adjusted the captions from the cell phones to correspond to the correct phone.




  • It is no longer possible to right-click cancel the scenario mine debuff effects to remove them.



  • Reduced the cooldown of the Underdogs mission to 1 minute, and reduced the reward to 5 Black Marks of Venice.


  • Event World Boss arenas no longer permit social pets.
  • Anniversary Golems are now more intelligent when determining whom to attack. They will no longer leave their arena.
  • Event World Boss missions are now classified as “Raid” missions.
  • Players are no longer prompted to accept an Event World Boss mission – They are now automatically accepted

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  • New items at the Orochi Researcher (930,724): Virulent Biohazard Container & Memory Expansion Module Mk II(Allows AEGIS Controllers to be upgraded to 1.9).
  • New paths available in Kaidan between coordinates: (582,666) & (634,666) / (582,600) (634,600)

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