The Secret World Issue #7: A Dream To Kill – Producers Letter
The Secret World Issue #7: A Dream To Kill – Producers Letter

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Today, we’re finally getting some more official details about the upcoming Issue #7: A Dream To Kill for The Secret World. Along with that, Joel talks about Tokyo, Issue #8, Augmentation System and Scenarios!

You can read the details below!

Hi, everyone!
I’m going to open with the stunning cover of Issue #7 – A Dream to Kill.


I’ve spoken a lot about Issue #7 in the past, so I’ll just say that we expect to release the Issue in the coming weeks and that you have tons of great content and a crucial part of the TSW story to look forward to. Check out my previous Game Director’s letter here, if you missed what I’ve written about the upcoming Issue earlier.

After the climactic ending of Issue #7, a new threat enters the picture – a threat against Agartha itself!

The battle for Agartha will begin, as filth spreads from the newly revealed entrance to Tokyo and threatens to corrupt the world tree.

Over the coming months as we ramp up towards Tokyo, players will be fighting to contain, and drive back the filth which is tainting the world tree. With every patch, this event will move to a new phase until eventually, if players have done enough, they will gain access to Tokyo itself.

You can see the complete letter here:

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