The Secret World: Guardians of Gaia Event Starts July 3rd!
The Secret World: Guardians of Gaia Event Starts July 3rd!

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The Secret World Birthday!

Today Funcom annouced it’s plans for The Secret World’s First Anniversary Event!   “Guardians of Gaia“, which begins on July 3rd!

The apparently 5 day event will include:

  • Massive Creatures (Guardians) around the game world requiring a group to take down!
  • Guardian Pets as rewards!
  • 30% Discount across almost everything in the item store!
  • Daily login bonuses such as Double Experience, Double Ability Points, and Double Skill Points!
  • Members and Grandmasters will be getting a ‘little something extra’
  • All Funcom account holder will be able to download and play The Secret World without any need to purchase the client for the entire week.

Original Excerpt from the June Producers Letter:

With all of that said, we’re ready to unleash the Guardians of Gaia – our special anniversary event – upon the world. From July 3rd, the Guardians of Gaia will be awakening in areas all across the game. These massive creatures, formed of the primal elements, are the second line of defense for the planet against the strange infection known only as the Filth.

Such powerful creatures can only be brought down by banding together with others and lucky players will be able to capture a portion of their essence – a earn a Guardian of their very own.

Throughout the event, we will be offering a 30% discount across almost everything in the store and every day we will provide a different bonus to anybody who logs in – Double Experience, Double Ability Points and Double Skill Points.

We’ll be offering free gifts to all of our players and a little something extra for our members and Grandmasters. Even more events will be coming to The Secret World, so stay tuned for that!

Finally, all players who have ever played a Funcom title will be invited to join us in the celebrations and play The Secret World without any need to purchase the client for an entire week.

We invite all players, old and new, to join us for the Anniversary event which, as mentioned, starts on the 3rd of July.


Full Version Here:


More details posted by Funcom!


The Secret World’s First Anniversary!

On the 3rd of July The Secret World has its first birthday! For five straight days we will be celebrating this momentous occasion. Join us for a massive in-game event, huge bonuses and special discounts. The event starts on Wednesday the 3rd of July at 12:00 CET/6 AM EST and lasts until the 8th of July at 12:00 CET/6 AM EST. This will be a celebration to remember!


The Guardians of Gaia

Gaia is under attack, and her defense mechanisms are activating across the face of the planet – targeting the places where she is most wounded. The Guardians are gigantic creatures of nature itself given form and strength. They are lashing out at everything and everybody and the Council of Venice see them as a grave threat.

Gather your friends and take on the rampaging Guardians! These massive monsters will be invading every major area of The Secret World. Defeat the Guardians to earn awesome rewards, from handy and powerful gear to a unique pet version of each monster. Everyone can join the fight!

Be on the lookout for the Gatekeeper as he leaves his native Agartha to activate the Guardians across the land. The attack of the Guardians will escalate as the event progresses, reaching more and more areas. Council of Venice agents believe the Guardians will start their assault in New England and fear that even the Warzone Fusang Projects may come under attack!

Massive bonuses!

During the event you can reap the benefits of many sweet bonuses:

  • Double XP: For the first two days of the event everyone can claim a potion in the Item Store which doubles XP from monsters for 8 hours. The potions can be claimed once per account every 24 hours.
  • Double Ability Points: For the next two days every time you earn an Ability Point you also get an additional one as a bonus! This stacks with the bonus from Timed Ability Point boosts from the Item Store.
  • Double Skill Points: For the last two days every time you earn a Skill Point you also get an additional one as a bonus! This stacks with the bonus from Timed Skill Point boosts from the Item store available to those who have defeated the Gatekeeper.

Gifts and Discounts

During the event the Item Store will have 30% discount! This will be an excellent time to pick up new outfits, pets or boosts. (This special event discount applies to everyone and does not stack with any other discounts. Issues, Packs and Membership prices are not affected by this discount.

To celebrate the special anniversary event everyone gets a special golden flare gun as a free gift. Log in during the event and claim the free flare gun in the Item Shop. In addition Members and Grandmasters get a unique and exclusive black t-shirt with the number 1 on it, to commemorate The Secret World’s very first anniversary!


Are you guys excited for The Secret World’s First Anniversary ?

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