The Secret World: Game Director Letter – June 2013
The Secret World: Game Director Letter – June 2013

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You can see the complete letter, including video and comic at:


Game Director Letter - June 2013 + Issue 7 Teaser Video!

Hi everybody,

When we unleashed The Secret World it was a time of great pride for us. In an industry and a genre where we felt that innovation was slowing and that design had become cloning the ideas of the competition – we had done something different. From the ability wheel to the investigation and sabotage missions to the atmosphere and setting of the world to the incredibly detailed voice acting and cutscenes, we were poised to make our mark.

Over the past year, The Secret World has evolved and grown, but our mission has always remained the same – deliver experiences that you just cannot find anywhere else in the MMO genre.

During that period we have delivered 7 major content updates which contain dozens of new missions and cutscenes, features such as Plastic Surgeon, the Barber Shop, the Marketplace and the Albion Theatre, additional progression in both PvE and PvP via Auxiliary Weapons and Battle Ranks. And of course, we have added new nightmare modes to several of our existing dungeons, new lair mechanics and lair raids and of course, the Manhattan Exclusion Zone raid.

In addition to all of that, we have added hundreds of new clothing items to the game (both as ingame rewards and in the clothing store) as well as a veteran system for our loyal members and Grandmasters and new items for streamlining the player experience throughout the game.


I’m extremely proud of what the team has achieved over the past year and despite some hardships along the way, I believe that they have all gone above and beyond to deliver the quality that differentiates The Secret World from the everything else in the genre.

With all of that said, we’re ready to unleash the Guardians of Gaia – our special anniversary event – upon the world. From July 3rd, the Guardians of Gaia will be awakening in areas all across the game. These massive creatures, formed of the primal elements, are the second line of defense for the planet against the strange infection known only as the Filth.

Such powerful creatures can only be brought down by banding together with others and lucky players will be able to capture a portion of their essence – a earn a Guardian of their very own.

Throughout the event, we will be offering a 30% discount across almost everything in the store and every day we will provide a different bonus to anybody who logs in – Double Experience, Double Ability Points and Double Skill Points.

We’ll be offering free gifts to all of our players and a little something extra for our members and Grandmasters. Even more events will be coming to The Secret World, so stay tuned for that!

Finally, all players who have ever played a Funcom title will be invited to join us in the celebrations and play The Secret World without any need to purchase the client for an entire week.

We invite all players, old and new, to join us for the Anniversary event which, as mentioned, starts on the 3rd of July.

Immediately after the anniversary is done, we will unleash the content of Issue #7 upon the world on the 8th of July.

Issue #7 will offer many new missions and hours of action filled content, but most importantly it will reveal hidden secrets and uncover new and crucial story elements.

In A Dream to Kill you will witness the Orochi’s terrible experiments in Transylvania gone horribly wrong, but you will also discover even darker forces – threatening the life of Gaia herself!

Issue #7; A Dream to Kill continues The Secret World’s main storyline and sets up this story’s continuation in Tokyo. This will be an Issue you do not want to miss!

Catch the ominous teaser video of Issue #7 here.

Looking forward again, the team is hard at work on the content of Issue #8, which includes the very exciting new Scenario and Augment systems which will allow us to extend our in-game in new ways. In addition the writers are hard at work on the new characters in Tokyo and we will be recording VO and motion capture for those characters right after a well-earned summer vacation.

As a final point, I want to say thank you to the amazing community of gamers who play, promote and support The Secret World. Without you, The Secret World would not be the amazing place that it is and I look forward to sharing more of The Secret World with you all moving forward.


Thanks for listening,

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