The Broadcast Halloween Event
The Broadcast Halloween Event

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The Broadcast Halloween Event!

Halloween is upon us once again, and there is nothing quite like celebrating Halloween in The Secret World!

This year there is a brand new event called The Broadcast, many fresh items (and even a new dance!) plus Halloween events from earlier years. The event starts today and lasts for two weeks until the 13th of November.

The Broadcast

Dave Screed in New York has discovered something quite disturbing and is afraid he is in over his head. Someone calling themselves “The Presenter” seems to know a lot about mysterious codes sent out over several radio wavelengths.

Look into these messages and find out more in this year’s all new Halloween event. Something sinister and dangerous is going on, and this new quest will take you on a journey throughout The Secret World before you can face off against this new threat!

Spooky Stories and The Cat God

You can enjoy previous year’s Halloween events again this year as well. The Spooky Stories event offers ten missions spread across New England. They are each built on local urban legends and if you complete all of the missions you get a special in-game book with all of the Spooky Stories you have collected.

The Cat God is also making a return, so you can take on this devious menace and track him down to his hiding place in Stonehenge in its ancient form.

All new Halloween rewards!

We are introducing many new items for Halloween this year. New wolf and cat pets, hexed pumpkin hats, Morninglight robes, Baron Samedi outfits in different colors and a brand new thriller dance!

You can get these items in special Halloween bags which you are rewarded with for doing the three events. Each bag contains one common item plus one item which is either uncommon, rare or epic.

These new Halloween bags can also be bought in the Item Shop, and so can the Super Party Bag, which not only gives yourself a bag but also up to 20 other players around you. If you are really generous and hit at least 10 players around you, you will unlock a special Achievement and receive the all new thriller dance!

The Broadcast Halloween Event!