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Hell Eternal – Nightmare Mode Boss / Dungeon Guide
Hell Eternal – Nightmare Mode Boss / Dungeon Guide

Hell Eternal – Nightmare Mode Boss / Dungeon Guide

A 5-person dungeon located in the Shadowy Forest.  The quest Paradise Now is obtained from Mosul at (568 , 614). The entrance to the dungeon is located in the Abandoned Tavern at  (467 , 434).

First Boss:  Archaean Seismocratist

This boss is a Djinn and fairly straight forward.  He has a few abilities but very few will be of real concern to anyone outside the tank.  It could be considered your classic “tank and spank”.  The only real concern for anyone who is not the tank is the green chains.  These will go on every player and if left on is an instant one shot mechanic.  All the rest either can be avoided with ease or only effect the tank.


Rot Iron:  These are green chains that hinder players and will kill them when they expire.  Cleanse is a must.

Caldera:  This will place a large circle on the floor and will cause a large knockback and significant damage to anyone but the tank.

Shadow in the Blood:  This will place a circle under the highest  threat player (this should be your tank)  It is a channeled damage attack and can be impaired by the tank.

Flame Lash:  This will drag the highest threat target directly under the boss (again should be the tank)

The overall strategy:

Typically the party will stack up on the little hill on the right hand side when you come in facing the boss.  The tank gets agro on the boss and faces him away from the group.  A rotation of cleanses should be pre-arranged before the pull.   Traditionally the tank will only impair Shadow in the Blood so the DPS will need to stay out of the range when Caldera is cast.  It is purely cleansing and straight line DPS.

Special Considerations:

The Rot Iron chains which hinder people will need to be cleansed.  Abilities like Sleight of Hand, Cleanup, and Win-Win all work.  Using Sleight of Hand requires every member of the party cleanse themselves.  I prefer two people with Cleanup or Win-Win to alternate between them as the first to use the ability will find it off of cooldown by the time the third cleanse in required.  Many pug groups however often use the Sleight of Hand > Cleanup > Sleight of Hand method to cleanse the party.


The tank will agro and face the boss away from the group.  While you as a tank can impair Caldera you can also use an active dodge or rocket jump to avoid it.  It is not uncommon for a tank to eat this knockback ability of Caldera since Flame Lash often follows and pulls the tank back into position.  It is recommended to impair Shadow in the Blood since it is a channeled damage ability and will spare your healer some effort healing you.


The only person in the group which should take any damage should be the tank.  Anyone else getting damage is basically making your life harder by not avoiding the attacks.  It is not uncommon for healers to cleanse the Rot Iron chains that hinder the party to help improve overall DPS should the extra attention to heal the tank not be needed.


This fight is best with ranged DPS.  Attack the boss and avoid Caldera, the only attack which could cause you damage.  Typically one or two will need to cleanse the group of Rot Iron chains.  Make sure you know who is cleansing and when they are.  Many pug groups however tend to require everyone to slot Sleight of Hand and everyone is responsible for their own cleanse the first and third time.


Second Boss: Lustrehunter

This boss can be a little frustrating but can likewise be a lot of fun.  Typically someone will be designated as a runner and in general is a hide-and-go-seek type of fight.



Occluding Lens:  This is a reflect shield on nightmare and can kill you if you attack during it.

Fallback:  This cast will impair everyone in the area for a few seconds while the boss runs away to somewhere else.

Arcane Exposure:  This is cast right after fallback when the boss is running away.  It will give him stack of Arcane Peak which will increase his damage.  Find him to stop him from casting it.

The overall strategy:

The party will engage the boss.  At various times the boss will cast Occluding Lens, then Fallback, and Finally run off casting Arcane Exposure.  There is several spots where he will run too noted below.  Basically we will chase the boss, DPS them a little, then  repeat until the boss dies.

A practical guide:

There are two ways I have seen this done.  Either a tank that chases and draws the boss back or a runner.  I prefer the method of having a runner.  First… it requires a lot less work for the already taxed tanks.  Second, it minimizes the chance that the tank will be caught by the boss with the AOE on them.  Either method works but both the tank and the DPS runner needs to know where the boss will run to.  These spots are

Spot 1: 399, 428
Spot 2: 415, 410
Spot 3: 399, 391
Spot 4: 407, 365
Spot 5: 417, 365
Spot 6: 426, 364
Spot 7: 431, 392
Spot 8: 432, 412
Spot 9: 432, 426


A DPS runners job is merely to run past the point where the boss will recharge from the green caldrons and approach the boss enough to have line of site so he will run back to the rest of the group.  Pretty simple.  No DPS required on your part.  Having the add-on Castbar Relocator will help you determine when Fallback is being cast and when you can expect the boss.


If you have a runner, your job will be easier.  You simply gain agro on the returning boss and make sure you do not stand in the green AoE.  As with most fights face the boss away from the group. The real concern for the group will be Occluding Lens.  This ability can either be interrupted or purged.  Either way  works well.  Most tanks I have seen impair that ability.  Make sure it is know before the pull which method will be used.  If you choose to be the sole person finding and pulling the boss back I am sure the group will enjoy it but again make sure to stay out of the AoE during the run back.  On a side note for those parties with high damage output by the DPS you should be aware that sometime this boss will skip some of the points listed above.  Be prepared for it.


It is recommended staying behind the tank and insuring that you stay out of range of the AoE.  It will kill you.  Should the tank decided to pull the add back instead of using a runner be prepared to heal him quickly in case he has taken damage from the AoE.  I advise knowing the spots where the boss will return especially if the tank is pulling the boss back.  If you group uses a runner simply follow the tank as they progresses through the maze staying away in case the boss has the AoE on them.


Stick with your healer and keep your distance from the boss and the AoE damage effect.  Its range is slightly larger than the animation shows so pay attention.  If your designated as the runner marking the points above on your map will help you know where to expect the boss to go to.  If the tank will not be impairing the Occluding Lens ability, it is advised you use Win-Win or Cleanup to remove the shield ASAP so that damage can resume on the boss.  If you see the shield on the boss DO NOT ATTACK unless it is to purge the shield.  Eth Buff Bars will help you track the Occluding Lens buff on the boss so you do not shoot the shield.


It has been noticed by me that when this boss is attacked with the Occluding Lens buff the boss can glitch and easily skip some of the points.  I don’t know what causes it but this has been my personal experience.  This could well be a result of high DPS.


Third Boss: Prime Maker

This boss is a large golem which simply test ones kiting ability.


Shield:  This is a large orange shield which reflects damage and is removed by moving the boss under a water spout

Furnace Blast:  A large point blank orange AoE around the boss

Carburising Flames:  Small point blank orange lava AoE around players

Draw Head: Summons Fire of Sheol Adds

Reduction: Significant damage attack on the highest threat player


The overall strategy:

This will simply be a kiting fight where the tank will get agro on the boss, take it to various points to remove the shield, and the DPS should be able to sit back and shoot.

Special considerations:

Please note that until the shield is actually off of this boss there is no way for the tank to generate agro.  It is recommended that DPS wait a few seconds after the shield is removed before starting to DPS to give the tank time to get hate built up.


Your job is to tank the boss to the water spout and kite the boss towards the next one where when and if the next shield appears you will kite him into the water and remove the shield again.  Avoid the Carburising Flames on the ground.  Using an add-on such as Eth buff bars to track “Heat” will help prepare you for when you need to remove the shield again on the boss.


There is nothing to cleanse, just some Tank damage and possible some from DPS not paying attention to where they are standing.


This one is mostly on you.  Wait for the tank to get the shield off as it is a reflect shield and generate some hate before you start DPSing the boss.  You will also be looking for adds to spawn from the center of the room and they will head to the boss.  DPS these down before they get to the boss as they will aid in putting the bosses shield back up (which happens at 100 Heat).  I found it useful to use Eth Buff Bars to track heat on this fight.  I advise all DPS to stop damage if heat gets to 95 or higher.  Again, this is a reflect shield and you need to account for lag.


Third Boss: Flagellatrix Superior

This if the fourth and probably most failed boss in this instance.


Spitelance:  Column Attack

Vigil:   This sets the alarm state to yellow

Distress Signal:  The boss will begin casting this  to call Piston Predators and puts up a shield on the boss


The overall strategy:

One of the DPS will be designated as a runner.  Their only job it to gain agro on the Piston Predators that wonder about and keep them following them.  The rest of the part will take the boss to the left immediately after entering the instance and into the far corner where they party will kill the boss.

The Runner:

A special thanks to WormApotheote for really enlightening me to the full reasons for the runner and I feel it requires being stated.  First, the runner sets the alarms to red making Vigil a non issue.  They will always have agro on the Piston Predators unless someone attacks them or heals the runner.  This makes Distress Signal a moot point also.  So the runner neutralizes two of the three mechanics.  The only requirement is having Sprint on at all times.  This might be the most key job in this whole encounter.  You do not have to hit the boss, adds, anything.  You need only to run around the two columns where the rest of the group will not be.  Failing to maintain Line of Sight with the Piston Predators however will cause the lasers to activate and one shot the runner.  So keep them within line of sight.


After the runner has entered, grab the boss and take her down the left hand path into the corner.  The boss will do Spitelance which can be dodged.  Effectively your job will be the hold the boss facing her away from the group while avoiding Spitelance.


The only one taking damage should be the tank.  Keep him healed.


It is highly recommended that you do not DPS this boss until the tank has them in position.  I have been seen a one shot more than once from an itch trigger finger.  This boss will start off without a shield but soon into the fight will cast Distress Signal which will put up a shield around the boss.  Fortunately for the party the runner has agro on the Piston Predators so her Distress Call will not also summon adds.  While this is not a reflect shield you will find minimal impact on the boss from DPS.  It is thereby recommended you save your DPS buffs for when the shield actually falls off.   Typically one DPS can use their buffs on the first shield drop, then second can use it on the next, and then the buffs should be ready again if needed for a third by the first DPS.


Fifth Boss: Hadean Guards

The fifth encounter is somewhat of a council fight.  You will be facing off with Iscariot, Cassius, and Brutus.



Immolation Invocation:  This will place a debuff on a random player which causes them to drop small radius ground fire under their feet.  The player must keep moving to avoid significant damage.


Chirurgy:  Heals himself for a short period


Painwheel Overdrive:  Point blank AoE that hits for 2-5k

Black Iron Bulwark: Shields the others for a short duration or himself if he is the last alive.

Body Hammer:  This will do 2-4k damage and stun someone in melee range.


The overall strategy:

The general idea is to burn these three down in a specific order.  That would be Iscariot first, Cassius second, and Brutus being the last to die.  Most consider this order to be the easiest to deal with so it will be all I focus on.  Each of these bosses if left to be the final to die add a new ability.  Body Hammer is easier to deal with that if say we left Cassius alive to have a reflect shield for the last part.

Special considerations:

Every member should have a form of crowd control breaker slotted for this fight since someone will become hindered and will die if not freed.  Contortionist and Sleight of Hand come to mind the later not requiring an elite slot making in my opinion more ideal for most.  During the initial start of the fight Iscariot will target a player with Immolation Invocation.  This is a beam that will be linked to a player and will force that player to move and remain moving until the debuff is off or suffer a lot of damage.  It is recommended that the player with this run around the outside parameter of the room to lay the trail down so that others do not have to step into the damaging fire.  A final note is that when Brutus cast Body Hammer most groups have found it advisable to stack on Brutus for this.  The reason is he will try to stun the tank and one other player.   If nobody else is in range he may try to hit the tank twice and this could force the tank to be unable to move.  Mixed reviews on this and even personal experience has found the last stage of the fight can be problematic.  My best results have been when we all stacked for Body Hammer though.


This fight has a lot for you to deal with.  First you have three mobs to keep agro on.  Since we know the kill order that should occur as long as your DPS does not attack the wrong thing you only have to keep the mobs off the healer.  Painwheel Overdrive you will also need to move out of when its cast.  Finally if you kill Brutus last you will be dealing with Body Hammer.  Most tactics I have seen we all stack for it and as soon as it is cast everyone spreads out again since Painwheel Overdrive may immediately follow.  Kit the boss when this is happening.


This fight can cause some issue since it may have a lot of damage in a short period from Body Hammer‘s possibly hitting the tank twice or nearly killing a DPS.  If you get Immolation Invocation on you run out of the group and around the parameter of the room so the fire does not affect others.


It is a wise idea to have a buff order in place upon the pull to maximize DPS on Iscariot.  If you get Immolation Invocation on you run out of the group and around the parameter of the room so the fire does not affect others.  Upon his death switch to Cassius and burn him down.  Finally Brutus is attacked.  He will gain the Body Hammer ability.  It is recommended that parties stack when this is being cast and immediately move from the area around the boss and tank after the cast since Painwheel Overdrive may immediately follow.


Boss: Eblis

This fight is the final fight in the instance and requires a fair amount of movement.


Solar Collapse:  Red ground target AoEs with turn into flames

Dark Rush:  Places a circle under the player with the highest threat.  This can potentially be placed under the player with the second highest threat also.  Be prepared for it.

Painwheel Overdrive:  This will place circles on the ground which must be avoided to avoid knocked out of the fight area which will result in death

Vanquish:  A column attach which has a knockback.

Occluding Lens:  This is a reflect shield which will do 4k damage if purged

Consummation:  This will target one player for a channeled damage and should be healed.

Deep Drink: This hits really hard and should be impaired

Cast Out:  This will be cast to change phases of the fight.

The overall strategy:

This is for most parties a two phase fight and they will alternate.  Should your party get to a third phase two, then you will encounter what I will call phase three.  This will effectively be phase one and two abilities rolled into one.  I have only see this once, most parties the fight is over much sooner than this would occur.

Phase one:

It will begin with the boss doing melee damage to the tank and soon casting Dark Rush on the tank and possibly the next highest threat player as well.  Those with this on them should make sure nobody is in the black circle because it will soon explode and cause damage to those in it.  Shortly after this the boss will cast Solar Collapse.  Simply run to the other side of the room when this happens.  This will most likely repeat once or twice depending on the amount of damage the boss takes.  The boss will also cast Occluding Lens.  It is a reflect shield which if cleansed will cause 4k damage to those removing it.  Most group just heal through the damage of the reflect shield and never purge it.  The boss will also cast Drink Deep which should be impaired.  Finally in this phase the boss will cast Consummation.  This is a channeled attack on a single player and is easily healed through.  When there is a phase change the boss will use Cast Out and so will begin phase two.

Phase two:

The boss will go to the center of the room and place a link on every player, drawing them to him.  There will be a lot of moving swirl circles on the floor but plenty of places to run between them.  These swirls will do a knockback and can cause you to be knocked out of the area killing you instantly.  The boss will also do a cast called Painwheel Overdrive.  This is the same as before a AoE centered on the bosses feet.  This should be avoided but make sure not to leave the area or you will die from a cleave effect.  Lastly the boss does Vanquish.  This is simply a column attack and you need only avoid its area of effect.  When the phase ends which should be after the group has inflicted 100k damage)the boss will use Cast Out and phase one begin unless this is the third time it has occurred.  Then Phase Three will begin.

Phase Three:

This is the mechanics of phase one and two combined.  I believe it serves to act as an enrage timer.  I have only witnessed this once.


This fight is one where using Contortionist is viable.  Do to the visuals you may not can always see when to use Sleight of Hand.  When the boss cast Dark Rush use either an active dodge or say Rocket Jump away from the other players if they are in the area of effect.  If your group is all range you can probably just stay where you are.  Kite the boss to the other end of the room when he begins casting Solar Collapse.   Just stay ahead of the red circles.  The boss will use Drink Deep.  This is deadly and should be impaired immediately.  Nothing else in phase one needs to be impaired.  On phase two you should impair Painwheel Overdrive as soon as it is cast.  It is a wise idea to have three impairs for this fight for this reason.  Don’t waste an impair on Vanquish.


Most of the damage will go to the tank however Consummation will target a random player which will need to be healed off.  A word of caution for leech healers.  If you are the one to get Consummation it will bring you down to 1 hp and any attempt to leech will kill you if the boss has its shield up.  If you are going to risk leeching bring potions just in case.  The boss will also cast Occluding Lens which I advise not cleansing as it will do 4k damage to the one purging it.  While the shield is up your DPS will take moderate damage.  Additionally rare occasions a second player will get Dark Rush on them.  This may cause some addition damage to that player.  This normally occurs to trigger happy DPS.


You  will attack the boss preferably from range since this is not a melee friendly fight.  Insure you do not stand in Dark Rush (the tank for sure will get this on him) and in the highly unlikely event you get it on you please make sure you move so nobody else is around you.  This will explode and cause AoE damage.  This can typically be avoided if you wait a few seconds for the tank to generate sufficient hate before attacking.  When the boss cast Solar Collapse run to the other side of the room and avoid the red circles.  When the boss has cast Occluding Lens and the shield is up please keep in mind while attacking you will take damage.  If your health is not in the green do not use a consumer.  If your low on health stop attacking while the shield is up.  During phase two you should avoid the swirls, the AoE of Vanquish, and Painwheel Overdrive all while staying within the boundaries.  Getting to far away will one shot players.



Guide Submit By:  Arilynsky

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