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The Secret World: Where it Doesn’t Belong Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Where it Doesn’t Belong Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Where it Doesn’t Belong Guide / Solution Carpathian Fangs Dragan Dzoavich - (630,1080)   The Secret World: Where it Doesn’t Belong Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Where it Doesn’t Belong Guide / Solution30,000

Pre-Req: “Exit Strategy

Tier 1: Kill All Soviet Hybrids at Guard Post

Go to the nearest guard-post  and start clearing out enemies.  While you are here, there is a Strange Radio in the truck bed ahead.  Since you need to clear this area for the mission, you may as well pick up “Analogue Revival” while you are here, it shouldn’t take you more than an extra minute to do.

When you have finished clearing out the area, examine the Shipping Notes sitting on a crate next to the truck.

Tier 2: Seek More Information About The Cells

Seek more information about the cells by accessing the computer terminal at the marked location.

Not wanting the hybrids to keep their hands on the Power Cells, you decide it will be best if you destroy a few crates full of them.  They are scattered throughout the area, usually near trucks and bunkers.

Head to the next area.

Tier 3: Destroy Trucks Using Tesla Coil

Pick up a power cell from the crate and insert it into the Tesla Coil Generator.

Your task is to destroy trucks.  You could do it the boring way, which is just attacking them, or….

you can climb up the ladder at the marked area on your map and use a Tesla Coil to blast them.

Simply use the console, mouse-over the targets, and watch the explosions.  Note: You can also kill enemies with it, although they will not award exp, or drop loot.


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  • Cing

    Shadowy Forest is missing 2 Side Quests.
    Tenebrae (loc 500,613)
    The Outcasts (1013,1129)

    • Thank you! We’ll get those added ASAP!

      • Cing

        Mind you, I wasn’t asking for a walkthrough. These don’t exactly require any mental heavylifting. =)
        Adding a mere stub for a place to put up the /loc would be fine.

  • pwnstar

    You’re also missing one more mission in the Shadowy Forest. It’s called Fatal Framing (not to be confused to Fatal Fungi) and it’s located in the graveyard at coordinates (833, 600).

    Also, in the Carpathian Fangs, you’re missing the mission “Bloodlines”.

  • drzero

    There is a side mission called Bloodlines at 506, 882

    • drzero

      In Carpathian Fangs

  • Ladyrowan

    Tonight we found two side quests in the Shadowy Forest that are not on the list. The first I forgot to write down, but it’s up the hill from the NPC when you first come through the tunnel. The second can be found in two places ‘Tenebrae’ at 529,637 and 500,613.

  • Trementus

    There also missing 2 side quest in the besieged farmlands, the Blesed are the Makers and the Midnight mass one… tell u those are hard quest, mobs with 42k HP that kills u with 3 hits

  • Trementus

    BTW u get those quest in the bottom right corner of the map the dread retreat