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The Secret World: The Way of Things Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Way of Things Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Way of Things Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Amir - (983, 688)   The Secret World: The Way of Things Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Way of Things Guide / Solution20,830

Tier 1:

Amir’s brethren have fallen to a dark power. Despite his contempt for humanity, he sees a mutual need to purge the corruption from his kind, and keep them from unleashing hell upon the earth.

Objective:  Find Amir’s brethren

Turn around from the quest giver and head on up the stairs.   Take note of the glowing urns as you pass them by.   Click them gives you a friendly fiery follower.
I believe he might be descended from another certain fire deity we all know and love from another universe…  BY FIRE BE PURGED…  Wait..  Or something like that…

Head on up the stairs, you’ll need to clear a bit of the way, but your fiery friend will help.  (and annoy you….)



Once you make your way inside, look to the middle of the room, you’ll see a fairly important looking pedestal and a guy who looks quite similar to your fiery friend.. except this one isn’t friendly..

Objective:  Banish Shai the Fatebringer.   ..  Kill him!  with… fire?


Objective:   Examine the glyph on the ground (see below)  is somewhat difficult to see, but just click the top of the pedestal, you can’t miss.


Tier 2:

After you click the glyph, you’ll be instructed to follow the trail of the Infernal Glyph.

Objective:  Look for glowing spots on the wall (as seen below)  and follow the path.


As you follow the path, you’ll end up down a hallway.  Pay close attention to the left side wall, it is easy to run past this opening if you’re not  looking.
Objective:   Walk in the left side door.


Objective:  Kill anything you may have beating on you, and Complete The Ritual of Flame.


There’s a potential the quest might be bugged, if you already see the fire on the floor, it is, but is still completable.
First, look at the star, and pick a point on it.  Then, as if you were drawing the star on the floor, follow the lines clicking the glyph at least point.
If you click the wrong one, or don’t follow the shape of the star (basically, go opposite point to opposite point until complete)  it will throw you back and reset.


Successful completion of the ritual rewards you with a demon to kill.

Objective:   Kill whatever spawns from the portal.

Once you’ve cleared the room, click the glyph that will appear directly under the portal.   It’s time to move on….

Tier 3:

Objective:  Follow the trial of the infernal glyph (again).    Leave the room , head left.  (you originally came from the right side)


Objective:  Stop the ritual of stone.  Simply destroy the standing stones as well as any creatures who may want to eat your face.


Once the stones are destroyed, you’ll get some additional creatures from the portal.  Dispatch them.  If you’re having difficulties at any point in this quest, clicking the urns to re-summon your fiery friend to help fight for you.

Objective:  Banish Reshef the Fallen Prince.  Kill stuff.  Survive.  Endure the random dialog spam from your fiery companion, if you choose to use one.


Objective:  Same as before, once room is cleared, examine the glyph on the floor where the portal was.

Tier 4:

Objective:  Follow the trail of the infernal glyph.. again.


Objective:  Complete the Final Ritual To Expose The First of The Corrupted Jinn.

The goal here is to find the symbols that do not match the others.   So if you examine each pillar, you’ll find ones that ONLY APPEAR ONCE EACH.
So, you’ll want to ignore any duplicates and start clicking the odd ones.

There are 2 ways to do this.. Trial and Error (the fun way!)   or ….

Solution:  Click the middle symbol on the East Pillar, The South West Pillar and finally the North West Pillar.
If you’ve got it right, they will glow and advance the quest when the 3rd is clicked.  If you click a wrong one, you’ll be tossed backwards and the puzzle will reset.


With the final puzzle complete, it’s time to Banish Shezmu the Betrayer.


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