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The Secret World: The Traitor Egypt Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Traitor Egypt Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: The Traitor Egypt Guide / Solution Scorched Desert Shani - (540,174)   The Secret World: The Traitor Egypt Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Traitor Egypt Guide / Solution12,500

Complete walkthrough of The Traitor Mission in Egypt in The Secret World

Tier 1:Go to meeting spot and Find a way inside

One you accept the quest, go to the spot located on the map.  You will see a few folded tents and knocked over tables in front of what looks to be a closed down shop.  Ir order to get inside, you must go around to the side of the building and climb up the ladder present there.

Once you climb the ladder, you will be right in front of a doorway.  There is a button on the left side of the door, clicking on it will disable the cameras that are inside the building and save you from being spotted early on.  They only stay disabled for 30 seconds, so be quick once you hit the button.

Go inside and all the way down to the bottom floor.  There will be another camera button for you to press to re-disable the cameras, buying yourself more time.  There will be a Polaroid in on top of one of the tables in this room, grab it and head outside.

If a Camera happens to spot you, it will summon three restaurant guards that you will have to defeat before being able to continue.  They are easy to dispatch, but you should still avoid detection whenever possible on these types of missions.

Tier 2: Find a way inside and Look for Clues

“Who you calling an ass, ass!?”  Your next destination takes you to a building with two asses out front.  (I’ll let you decide if I’m talking about the animals or myself and Unfair).  When you try to open the door, you will find that it is locked, and you must find an alternate way inside the building.

The way up is around the corner.  You will see this crumbled wall, which will act as your stairs.  After some creative jumping, you will get to where you need to be, which is in front of a door guarded by laser beams.

If you have a friend with you, tell him to just walk through the laser beams.  The result will entertain you guys for a while =).   When you are ready to progress and get inside the building, head over to the window, and press the button through there.

Once inside, you will have to jump over a few more beams in order to get to your goal, which is the computer downstairs.

In order to make it to the computer, just book it and run to it.  The camera will not be able to see you because there is a wall blocking the actual computer.  Hurray for blind spots!

To fast track your way through the computer options, choose option number 4.  That’s a pattern I’ve noticed quite a bit recently.  Whenever there is a list like this, the answer needed to progress is almost always the last option.  If you want to read through the other options, you can do that too.

When you are finished, simple open the door from the inside and head out.  You will be in the Camera’s line of sight, so be quick about it.

Tier 3: Find a way to the roof

Alternate Method Provided by Mats Lundqvist:

I found a third way to solve this quest. On a rooftop of a high building to the south of where the infiltrator hides, i found a sniper rifle. I accessed the roof on a ladder, clicked on a white square beneath a body and i got up a binocular aiming for the traitor. The quest ended with a headshot and you´re instructed to leave the scene.

Alright, time to get to the roof of a building, easy right?  Here is the building you need to get on top of.

And here is where our journey to the roof begins.  Jump up onto the wall behind this fire, then travel along the make-shift walkway a few steps.  There will be a staircase to your left, go up it.

From the top of this building, the destination is withing sight.  Unfair is even doing a little dance for you guys on the pathway there.  I hope your jumping skills are sharp, else you may fall down and have to start over from the top.  Walk across the bridge and crash the party that’s happenings on the roof.

Alternately, you can follow the advice of Brandie Lynn Mostrom, 

“You do not need to dispatch the bodyguards. If you cut the power cord before engaging them, they will run to check out what is wrong with it. Then you can head back up onto the roof — making sure to hug the far left so you don’t get too close while they are distracted, and circle around them to the other building.”

After you have dispatched the bad guys, cut the power cables and head up to face the Informant.   Kill him and collect your experience and rewards.

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