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The Secret World: The Stained Oasis Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Stained Oasis Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Stained Oasis Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Nefertari - (295,900)   The Secret World: The Stained Oasis Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Stained Oasis Guide / Solution20,000

Tier 1: Judge The Souls of Aspirants With Nefertari’s Scales

Head outside of the statues area and open the chest to retrieve Nefertari’s Scales.  When you loot them, Aspirants will spawn and attack you.(Can someone confirm this in the comments? Not sure if they spawned or someone ran by with them chasing him and we had them aggro us)  Kill them and move to the next destination.

When you arrive, begin killing filth-infected Aspirants.  When they die, their Akh will spawn.  You (and everyone in your group) need to smack it at least once to get credit.  After hitting it, click on “Nefertari’s Scales” from your inventory while targeting the Akh.  After a moment or two, Anmit’s Spirit will spawn and shower it with flames, disintegrating the spirit.  This is when you should get credit for cleansing a soul.  Do this 8 times in order to advance.

Tier 2: Block Filth Pools & Judge Souls of Initiates

Do with the Filth Warped Initiates the same thing as the Aspirants in the previous Tier of this mission.

For the Filth Pools, you need to find ones that have a destructible rock above them.  The one below, for example, isn’t blockable because there is no block around you can use to block it with.

These are the things you are looking for.

Tier 3: Help Anmit Defend The Altar From Corrupted Akh

Go to the altar in the middle of the red circle on your mini-map.  When you click on it, Anmit will spawn, along with several corrupted Akh.  Keep going around slaying them.  Eventually they will stop spawning and you will get credit for successfully defending the altar.

Tier 4: Judge The Soul of The Truthseeker Sefu

The final part will be on the narrow part of the upper level, atop the rocks.  Kill him like you did the other enemies in this fight and have Anmit help you finish off Sefu’s Akh.


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