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The Secret World: The Sad Song Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Sad Song Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Sad Song Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Moutemouia (830, 250)   The Secret World: The Sad Song Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Sad Song Guide / Solution16,670

Tier 1: Go to the Primordial Catacombs

Step one, get to the place where all the action is.  Easy enough, see the giant door under the marker ahead of  you?  There is the entrance

Tier 2: Kill the Shade of Suffering

Make your way inside and just follow the minimap/map marker to your next destination, the Shade of Suffering.  The trash along the way only has about 3k hp each and is very easy to kill.  The Shade of Suffering himself has 8.4k.  You should be able to take it down with ease.

Tier 3: Kill the Shade of Torment

Next up is the Shade of Torment.  To summon him, you must smash the urn of Torment into little pieces.  He has a nova blast that should be dodged and will summon minions from within the room throughout the fight.

Tier 4: Free the Tortured Villagers

These pesky villagers keep getting caught in one part of the world or another.  Free them by right clicking them and send them on their way.  Don’t forget to get the lore in this room.

Tier 5: Kill The Shade of Vengeance

Time for the Shade of Vengeance.  Blow up his urn to summon him.  Just like the other shades before him, he will have an AoE attack and will summon any minions who are nearby.  Dispatch him to move on.

Tier 6: Kill The King of Red Shadows

Alright, final big room.  The Urn of the Shadefather is in the middle of this room.  Before destroying it, make a loop of the room, killing all the wells of Red Shadows and the minions at each well.  Like the previous Shades, this one has aoe and will use the monsters/wells to his advantage if you leave them alive before starting the encounter.  Defeat him to collect your mission reward.


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