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The Secret World: The Orochi Group Quest Solution / Guide
The Secret World: The Orochi Group Quest Solution / Guide

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The Secret World: The Orochi Group Quest Solution / Guide Blue Mountain Marianne Chen - (888,698)   The Secret World: The Orochi Group Quest Solution / Guide   |   The Secret World: The Orochi Group Quest Solution / Guide13,330

The Secret World: The Orochi Group Quest Walkthrough Guide with Solutions

This quest is given by the CDC girl at the tent in the NW corner of the map.

To start out, head to the location marked on your map. When you arrive, you will need to get ontop of the van shown below, and jump over the fence to get into the base. This may take a few tries at first but don’t despair, you’ll get in. When you are in, be very careful as to not be spotted by the patrolling guards or robots. If they catch you, you are thrown outside and have to make your way back in again.

Alternate Solution Submitted by Robert:

In the first step, an alternate solution is to look inside one of the vans, where a compromised Orochi is nibbling on a corpse. Kill the Orochi, and inspect the corpse. This gives you the passcode (0943786) for the gate. Go to gate, tap in the code, and voila, gates open!

Once you are inside, you must find, and click on, a container of Hydrogen Sulfide. These are found all of the place, including the containers you should land next to when jumping into the base.

When you have the Hydrogen Sulfide container, make your way to the giant tent in the back and go around the back side of it. You should see an Airconditioning unit. Click on it to poison the air inside, forcing an evacuation which opens the front door for you.

Once inside, you need to work quickly because the atmosphere is poisonous to your health. It was evacuated for a reason you know 😉
Your first stop will be the caige/container. Simply click on it to advance the quest.

Move forward slightly and notice the PDA on the floor. Examine it to find the password for the computer you’re about to access.

Once you are at the terminal, simply input “1” (minus the quotes) to input the password(assuming you looked at the PDA).

Now it’s time to find a way to transmit the data you acquired. To do this, you must make your way to the other corner of the map. The van you need to get into has a lady inside of it and she just won’t leave. How can we get her out I wonder? I know, lets set off her car alarm. Remember when you first started the game, you had to jump on cars to trigger their alarms and zombies came running? Well, the same applies here only instead of zombies, you get an Orochi group agent. Once you trigger the car alarm, get inside the van she came out of and upload the data.

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