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The Secret World: The Living Oil Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Living Oil Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Living Oil Guide / Solution Scorched Desert Zhara - (559,449)   The Secret World: The Living Oil Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Living Oil Guide / Solution12,500

Tier 1: Go to the Date Factory & Destroy Delivery Trucks

The dates are evil!!!  We must stop the spread.  You are sent to the source which happens to be the date factory.  Kill anything that stands in your way as you make your way towards the entrance and the first delivery truck that is parked right outside.  Shoot it, hack & slash it to pieces, destroy that truck.

Tier 2: Destroy the Second & Third Truck

Simple enough, once you are past the initial gate, there will be 2 more trucks directly ahead of you.  Cameras will be on either side, so stay in between the beams and blow the trucks up.

Tier 3: Locate Dates Ready for Shipment

Go around the corner of the building.  The box of dates is at the end, in line of sight of the camera.  If you stand a little to the left of where I’m standing in the second, you will be out of LoS of the camera.

When that is destroyed, fight or sneak your way to the next shipment and destroy it.  I recommend sticking to the road, as the bushes are dense with enemies.

Tier 4: Find Freshly Picked Dates

Your next goal is a stack of freshly picked dates.  Go up the road towards the marker, killing things as you go.  Head toward the building and round the corner.  The Shipment will be in the corner, guarded by a few mobs.  Dispatch them and collect your spoils.

Tier 5: Find a Way to Destroy the Filth-Infected Mound

How does one destroy a filth-infected mound?  Why, you shoot it to pieces.  If you have an AR, you can destroy it without pulling any of the insects surrounding it, but either way, destroying it should not be a problem.  When it goes down, your mission will complete.

Alternatively, you can go to the other side of the filthy lake, at a ruin.  When you get to it, there is a barrel there which you can click on and it will lead to the burning of the mound.  Credit to Genesis for this tip.


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