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The Secret World: The Last Legion Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Last Legion Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: The Last Legion Guide / Solution Scorched Desert Khalid - (435,635)   The Secret World: The Last Legion Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Last Legion Guide / Solution26,670

I want to start out by saying.. Bring a friend, or more than 1…
This Mission requires a group to complete Tier 3
2 should be enough if you have good synergy, if not bring 3+

Note: Best done in conjunction with “Scattered to the Wind

Tier 1: Investigate The Roman Ruins

Easy enough, go to the area marked on your map.

Tier 2: Clear The Area of Priests & Legionaries

Kill Legionaries.  They patrol the ruins in rather large groups.  AoE is your friend here.  If you have a friend with you, have 1 person be tankish, and the other equip a heal or two to make it easy on yourselves.

The Sun Cult Priests are a lot simpler than the legionairs to defeat.  Just kill them and then their orbs until you have all that you need.

Tier 3: Defeat the Legion

This is the part that many people call “bugged”  You need to click on the Orb of Aten, and when you do, the cinematic below should play.

If it doesn’t, someone probably did the event a little while ago.  Just go do another mission for a while and come back later.  A cabal-mate took a 20 minute break, came back to the area and was able to get it done.  So don’t freak out, just go do something else until it resets itself.

For the fight itself, you will fight the leader of each grouping of enemies 1 at a time  (Someone trained a group onto us in the picture below 🙁 )

After killing enough of their leiutenants, Legatus Aulus will spawn.  Begin to kill him.

He has 2 things to watch out for.  He also uses both of them at the same time.

The first is a red doughnut shaped AoE spell.  Either stay close enough to him to avoid it on the inside, or stay far enough away from him to out-range the doughnut.

The second is a frontal cone swipe that covers the area of the inner safe zone of the above spell, reducing your safe zone even more.  Just stay right up close and go behind him to avoid it, or be a ranged character and stay well back.  The choice depends on your build.

Once you defeat him, return to Khalid to finish the mission and receive credit.


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