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The Secret World: The Girls Who Cried Wolf Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Girls Who Cried Wolf Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Girls Who Cried Wolf Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Celine - (610, 600)   The Secret World: The Girls Who Cried Wolf Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Girls Who Cried Wolf Guide / Solution30,000

Unfair Says:  It’s not normal for us to be in a full group, but for this quest, we had a full entourage!  I’d like to thank RadBurn, Cheers, and Voxxis for tagging along and making this mission super quick!

Tier 1: Repel The Assault

The girls have made barricades and successfully defended their position.  However, the giant windmill is difficult to keep secure when you are only two.


This mission starts out with a bit of ‘defend this location’ killing.

Objective:  Move to the location marked on your map and start the slaughter.

Tier 2: Raid The Werewolf Camp

So after you’ve killed your waves of wolves at the windmill, it’s time to take the fight to them!

Objective:  Head into the wolf camp – Kill 7 Werewolves and Destroy 3 Werewolf Totems 

Tier 3: Find Out What Happened at The Farm

Objective:  Find out what happened at the farm.
Well, there’s some blood, some guts, some body parts… and oh look Orochi!

Investigate the laptop in the upper level.
Read through the laptop data to advance the quest!


Objective:  Get to da choppa! the Orochi van outside.
Inside, look to the back wall of it you’ll see a large screen, give it a look over.   This will complete the “Download the information from the interface” objective.

Tier 4: Locate The Orochi Rune Stones

So the Orochi found stuff, put it in boxes, then for eaten..  Seems a recurring pattern for these folks.

Objective:  Time to find some boxes.  They’re clearly marked on the map where to find them!

Tier 5: The Dutchman’s Lair

So with these stones, time to check out what’s happening with the windmill.

Objective:  Pierce the Windmill’s secret.  (sounds kind of… yea..)
Anyways..  Pierce, in this case means click the location above the door on the ground level (south side) of the Windmill.  (see photo below).

Upon doing so, it turns into a rather eerie portal.. And what do we do with questionable eerie portals?  We walk in them of course!

Objective:  Investigate the cave.   There’s a glowing dead tree thing, some rocks, some boards and oh look a ….

… Dutchman!  Well, his Shadow.. A Dutchman’s Shadow.
Objective: Kill the Dutchman’s Shadow.

After killing the Dutchman’s Shadow, look behind him on the table and Examine the Dutchman’s Journal

Tier 6: Reinforce The Windmill

Objective:  Head back outside to the windmill and start placing wards.
The first will be right at the door as you enter.

The next will require you to head inside the windmill and start going up.  Keep an eye out for an opening to the outside ledge, head out, run around the perimeter to find the next ward location.

Finally, make your way to the very top – plance the final ward.


Then be extremely thankful there’s no fall damage in game as you jump over the edge and land safely, ready to move on to the next mission!


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