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The Secret World: The Girl is Gone Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Girl is Gone Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Girl is Gone Guide / Solution Carpathian Fangs Lidiya's Terminal - (1005,915)   The Secret World: The Girl is Gone Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Girl is Gone Guide / Solution46,670

Tier 1: Use the Tracking Device to Track The Signal

Click on the Tracking Device at the mission start to pick it up.

Make your way to the base indicated on your map.  The entrance is right outside.

When you arrive, click on the Signal Tracker in your Inventory to activate it.

The first signal is coming from the Southern edge of the mission circle @ (995,660).

Tier 2: Destroy The Scrambling Device

Having reached the first scrambler, destroy it.

You will have to turn on your tracker 1 more time to find the second signal scrambler.  It is located @ (930,690).

Tier 3: Use Communications Terminal to Locate The Signal

Head through the gate and circle the north side of the building where the red mark is to get to the entrance.

When inside, jump up and over the pipes to get here, outside the communication terminal.

When you reach the terminal, hit buttons until you are told it is channel 14.  Then input “Trace 14” to advance the mission.

Tier 4: Go to Lidiya’s Hideout & Defeat Her

Head out of the Comm Station and work your way to Lidiya’s Hideout.

Go inside and access her laptop.  When you do, she will pop up behind you and begin fighting.

Fight her downstairs normally.  When she gets near half health, she will poof.  Start running up the stairs, she just teleported up there and picked up a sniper rifle.

Keep fighting her at the top normally.  She will poof one more time.  This time though, jump down as quickly as possible.  Reason is… she’s rigged the top floor with explosives.

If you don’t make it down fast enough, you will be blown off. (<3 this screenshot, look at Sutekh getting thrown back).  Everyone will land in the same spot, and you now have to finish her off.

Tier 5: Blow up The Helicopter

Once she is dead, grab some explosives from the crate upstairs.

When the helicopter arrives expecting to see Lidiya, plant explosives on it.

When it flies away, it will go boom, and the mission is complete.

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