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The Secret World: The Ghosts and the Darkness Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Ghosts and the Darkness Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: The Ghosts and the Darkness Guide / Solution Blue Mountain Eleanor Franklin - (848,291)   The Secret World: The Ghosts and the Darkness Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Ghosts and the Darkness Guide / Solution16,670

Tier 1: Enter the Mine

Start out by examining the newspaper on the table in the room to read the Newspaper clipping from September 1971.

The clipping mentions Chuck Thompson, Billy Woodrow, Sam Wilson, and Jimmy Rigsby.  Head over to the mine and see what you can find out about these lost souls.  You’ll be all alone mind you, it is a solo instance.

Tier 2: Chuck Thompson

When you first enter the solo instance, this is what you will see.  Please note that throughout this mission, there are two patrolling Mech’s that will chase you down and 1-shot you if you are spotted by their searchlight.  Just stick to the walls and shadows,  avoid getting in front of them at all costs and you will be fine.  They move slowly and you can walk right behind them without them noticing.  Another important thing to note in this solo instance is that the red spots on the ground should be avoided, and so should the filth tentacle thing-a-ma-bobs.  They will explode and do significant damage to you if you get too close.

Go up a little bit and turn right, in this room you will find an elevator, and in front of it the corpse of Chuck Thompson.  When you click on him, his ghost will speak to you briefly and request that you find a picture of his family for him.

Exit this room and head straight across to the room on the left (from the entrance’s perspective).  It will have a lot of dynamite in it.  Be sure to avoid stepping too close to any or else it will blow up on you.  Pick up the piece at the far end of the room, you’ll need it to clear a blocked path later.

With dynamite in hand, head down the only remaining corridor, the one down the center from the entrance.

Inside you will eventually come to the following set of rocks blocking your path foreward.  Click on the dynamite in your inventory to make the rocks go BOOM!

In this room you will find a headlamp.  Go ahead and right click it in your inventory to activate it.

Now go down the only other path available to you.  The family photo you are looking for is on the red trap on the floor in the far corner of the room.  Collect it and return to Chuck Thompson’s Corpse.

Tier 3: Billy Woodrow

Billy can be found slumped against a mine-cart in the room directly across from the entrance.  To be layed to rest, his ghost requests that you bring him his flask.  You can find it next to the red mark on the floor in the room that had the dynamite scattered all over it.

Tier 4: Sam Wilson & Jimmy Rigsby

Just follow the Marker to get to Sam Wilson’s remains.

Make your way to the elevator room and if you face the elevator, you can see that a path is open on the left hand side, blocked only by a single Red target on the floor.  There are two ways to get past it.

1) Have a lot of hp, run over it, eat the damage, then get to the other side and wait a while to regen your hp
2) Put yourself against the wall and jump over it at the very edge.  Your character will be able to just barely make it past without getting hurt.
3) Active Dodge over the circle and you won’t take any damage. – Provided by Duke

Continue on the linear path and you will come to a room filled with water, and in the center of it will be Jimmy Rigsby’s remains.  Click on them to summon Jimmy’s ghost.

Jimmy will have a protective barrier on himself, making him near impossible to kill by yourself.  Good thing you helped the miner’s spirits because now it’s their turn to help you.  As you fight, they will appear and start channeling a spell directed at Jimmy.  The longer they channel, the weaker Jimmy will become and soon you will be able to kill him easily.  Be aware of his AoE attack.  He does it a few times throughout the fight.

Tier 5: Return to Blue Mountain

Fairly self explanitory here.  As soon as you leave the solo instance, the mission will complete and reward you for your troubles.


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  • Bob

    Directions on this are completely wrong… the dynamite you use, isn’t til much later, til you have to find Sam Wilsons remains.

    Again… your ability to write a tutorial on quests is sub par at best.

    • Volaric

      I wrote this during my first play through of the mission. I may not have completed it in the optimum path, but I don’t look up how to do these missions to find the optimum route before playing the game. I play the game, take screenshots as I go, then write out how I finished them so that people who look it up can get the job done. This site never claims that these are “optimal” solutions. If anything below perfection is not up to your high standards, that’s not my problem.

    • By all means post corrections to this guide to a very new game but is there some reason you feel the need to be so damn rude? Or is this just an amusing riff on the ‘socially inept gamer’ meme and actually you are not a total dick at all really?

  • Duke

    for the tunnel with the red circle in the middle. its best to just dbl tap forward and roll over it. you take 0dmg.

  • SmarineIS

    also i just found out by accident if you have the tentacle mass explody debuff on you the circles do not fire

  • You do not have to dodge to get past that ward on the Sam Wilson Phase.

    There are rocks on the left side of the ward…. Just hug as close to the left wall as you can… and run past the ward.

    You won’t take damage from it.


  • Sam Wilson Phase:
    You do not need to dodge, or jump at all.
    Line yourself up with the left side wall, and walk over the rocks past the circle.
    The screenshot shows which rocks to look for.

  • SmillaSnow

    Another way to get through the red circle during the Sam Wilson phase is to use Sleight of Hand just before you run through it. No damage.