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The Secret World: The Gathering Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Gathering Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Gathering Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Cucuvea - (940,548)   The Secret World: The Gathering Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Gathering Guide / Solution25,000

Tier 1: Search Cucuvea’s Tree for Useful Items

There are three things for you to pick up within the tree; a Crystal, Imbued Apple, and Gaiaa Root.

Once you collect all three, head outside to the nearby Anima well and place the Gaiaa root to cleanse the earth.  This will summon a Stone Land Wanderer.  He will escort you until you die or finish with the mission.

Tier 2: Kill the Burzenlander

Go into the revine and kill Burzenlander.  Be sure to dodge his AoE attacks as they will cause your character much pain.

Tier 3: Reach The Snipers Nest & Kill The Sharpshooter

The way to get up there is @ (954,623), shown below.  Just keep jumping up in this area and you’ll make it up.

Once you are here, be wary of getting on anything that looks like a main pathway because, chances are, you’ll be in the Sniper’s LoS(Line of Sight).  You will want to stick to the outside of the path as much as possible.

Take the rock path when avaliable, it will get you across the way without having to worry about the sniper.

When you reach him at his nest, make him pay for all the lives he has taken with that rifle of his.

Tier 4: Find Leader of The Northern Ridge & Kill Slakeless

In the marker area he is the one in the center of the battle arena.  Pull a few mobs from the outside edge to give yourself some elbow room while fighting him.

Tier 5: Disrupt The Ritual & Kill Tugomir cel Mare

He is at the top of the mountain and has three minions channeling spells onto him.  Kill the minions first to start taking less damage from multiple sources as soon as possible before focusing on Tugomir cel Mare himself.

UPDATE for patch 1.0.3:

The Gathering – Tugomir cel Mare and his 3 accompanying adds are less difficult to kill, because they don’t aggro all at once.

Be sure to pick up the Side mission “Sacred Protection” while you are here from the Desecrated Relic.


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  • Tanukihime

    The crystals you get at the start of the quest are used to kill the last boss and his three adds. Using them does massive aoe damage and the amount you are provided with is enough to kill the mobs with no effort.

  • T

    As of patch 1.5, the mobs at the end all aggro at once.

    • sageman

      Not if you attack them with a non AOE attack. I found out after reading you could pull them singly. I actually managed to kill all 3 and the boss at once the first time but couldn’t pull it off tonight. I think I got lucky the first time. You just have to pull them one at a time, I take them back by the tree so when they do their life drain I can dodge behind the tree to interrupt it.