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The Secret World: The Facility (Elite) Dungeon / Boss Guide
The Secret World: The Facility (Elite) Dungeon / Boss Guide

The Secret World: The Facility (Elite) Dungeon / Boss Guide

First Boss: The Degenerate


He has a charge attack, the path is marked with a frontal Column marker.  Avoid it.  He will drop circles of goo onto the floor.  Stay out of the goo.  Last move only the tank and any melee dps need to be wary of.  The boss will raise his globe high into the air, before smashing it down.  This will do about 2k damage to melee dps, so backing out for a few seconds would be a good idea.  Lastly there will be yellow circles spawning out by the ranged/healer.  Simply dodge them to avoid bad things happening.  Other than that, tank and spank till you win.

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Second Boss: Red Guard


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Third Boss: Contain The Filth


During this fight you need to defend pillars/nodes while they activate.  During this time, adds will keep spawning and trying to kill you.  This fight is really going to stress out your tank, as half of the adds are ranged, and the group needs to stack on the pillars.  Between every pillar switch, your screen will go into black and white mode, when this happens, run up the stairs.  I’d recommend the healer taking a few hp items incase the tank cannot pick things up fast enough.  6 Nodes need to be activated before the fight ends.

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Fourth Boss: Contain The Core


Few things to watch out for here.  There isn’t an actual boss in this fight, just the giant core unit i the middle of the room, laser beams, electric walls, and adds.

The big thing in this fight is the tracking electric lasers that you must dodge.  They will follow you around and zap you for aprrox 1k every second.  Be sure to stay well clear of them, and be sure to not train lasers onto your group members.

After lasers, the next priority is the maintenence robots that will spawn.  They must be killed quickly because they will channel a heal onto the core unit, bringing it’s hp up rather quickly.

There is an ability called Core Clearance that will happen a few times during the fight.  It is a ground targetted AoE attacked, centered in the middle of the room.  Dodge it.

Lastly the Core will put up electrical barriers throughout the fighting area that will come from the Core, and go straight out towards a wall.  This sections off the fighting area.  Combine it with lasers and… you should stay fairly spread out.  They are safe to walk through while they are red, but as soon as they turn electrified, avoid doing so as you will take around 1k damage.

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Fifth Boss: Anima Constructs

Strategy:First you get 1 Construct, then 2, then another 2, then all all 5 at once.  During the initial phases, you will fight the constructs in random order.  WHen each one de-activates, they will drop a puddle of Filth.  Kill them against walls whenever possible to give yourself more room to breath.  Use the LoS to your advantage to drag the ranged into corners.  When you’re going against all 5 together, the priority should be capsule breaker, then sequence analyst, then elemental potentialist, followed by the last 2.  This phase will be all about surviving long enough for the constructs to all be killed.

Capsule Breaker: This guy teleports to random players and begins smacking them.  If he spawns alone, or with another construct that doesn’t have AoE abilities, have everyone stack up against the wall until he dies.  Otherwise have people spread out against a wall until he is killed.  I usually don’t bother tanking it as that would screw up positioning of the other construct.

Sequence Analyst: Casts a green vortex on the tank.  Make sure noone is near the tank at all times while this is alive.  If you get caught in it, chances are very high that you will die as the vortex deals 1-1.2k damage per second while you are within it.

Elemental Potentialist: He will drop a lightning based AoE on the ground.  Everyone needs to get out of the circle ASAP or else lighting will chain people in the group and potentially kill them.

Psychosecurity Officer, Reality Surgeon: Sword and Pistol users.  They’re both fairly harmless and easy to position.  Hope these guys come on the double pulls and your life will be easier.


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Final / Last Boss: Halina Ilyushin

Strategy: 2 Phases

Phase 1: She has 3 abilities during phase 1.  First one is called Calling of the Cosmos.  This will summon 2 shadow hounds to fight you.  Have the tank pick them up and tank them.  DPS can ignore the hounds.  The second ability is Anima Depression.  It is a ground based AoE that is easy to dodge out of.  The third is Contempt.  She will pull in a ranged player and root the player in front of the boss.  Healers should begin healing this player as they are about to take some serious damage.

Phase 2: Phase 2 will be marked by the boss transforming into a shadow creature.  Throughout the phase, she will lay filth all over the floor.  There will be paths through it, so watch your step and make sure you have pathways to get out of the way of her other attacks.  One of the abilities you need to dodge is Speed of Black Light.  This is a dash forward attack that will hit anyone in front of her.  Aditionally she has a very large, very wide frontal Column attack that the group needs to avoid at all costs.

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  • Vivianite

    For Halina Ilyushin’s second phase it should be noted to corral her to any active nodes to severely hinder her. i know this does a root effect but i do notice her being useless afterwards for some short time.

    also for red guard, cone aoe at primary target approx 120 degrees, roof smash that will multi-aoe target around and on top of party members. the one thing you must be aware of is his EMP blast, all party members need to avoid this unless they want to take some 4k damage+ 4 second knock down+knock back. the note sign of it is bright rays of light will spew from him. the area he does it at will leave the water electrified through the fight, best method of handling this is having the tank position him outside of the area and cycle through the places he can do it at every time he does it. mind you later in the fight he does this more often and sometimes back to back. ranged DPS recommended due to his large size.