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The Secret World: The Eye of Horus Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Eye of Horus Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Eye of Horus Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Thutmose - (628, 905)   The Secret World: The Eye of Horus Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Eye of Horus Guide / Solution20,000

I want to start out by saying.. Bring friends..
Or at the very least, be geared, skilled, and prepared for some annoying fights, especially if you pull more than one thing at a time.
EVERY enemy in this quest has a lovely ability that if you hit them with ANY Glancing attack, they will heal.  And not small heals either.
This makes this quest a fair pain in the arse if you’re not proficient in a weapon.   

But luckily we had the assistance of 2 great folks also doing the quest.  Thanks  Aoree and Gottlieb!

Tier 1: Get Sigil Fragments From Keeper’s Garran & Sh’ar

Sounds easy right?  WRONG!  We had a fun time trying this by ourselves, we ended up spending 20 minutes running back and forth resetting when we got adds as well as watching other people who were passing by jump in and try to ‘help’ us… resulting in invincible mobs!   Fun times for sure!

I’ll restate what I said above, this quest isn’t for the faint of heart!  (or small of patience!)


Objective:  Go to the Reformatory.
As you approach the quest marker area..  Look to the left and right of the stairs.   Garran is on the left, Sh’ar on the right.   They patrol in a small area, and you’re better off if you can pull them alone.   Getting additional bad guys isn’t going to make it easier.    Kill these 2 guys and loot their goodies to advance.


Objective:  Combine the fragments on an altar of binding.  (521, 633)
You can take the long way around to get to this, or from the side you killed Sha’ar on..  Walk to the edge, and look down, you can drop onto the platform the altar is on.


NOW the fun begins..  

Objective:  Use the Eye of Horus to siphon the powers of Aban of the Black Nile.

Take note of the purple glow around Volaric.  This buff MUST be on you when you kill the quest objective.   Let’s just say it took a couple kills before I personally was paying attention to the buff item.  Unfortunately it’s not a “click-in-and-forget-it” item.  It has a 30 second duration.  And if you’re not in a group, it takes more than 30 seconds to kill the guy.  So be mindful of the buff, keep your inventory open and click it often.

Tier 2: Siphon the Power of the Enemy

Objective:  “God damn it dude.. Click the f*&*# buff!”   let’s just say.. we had to kill a few of these guys more than once!

There are 6 enemies total which require you to siphon.  And remember.. you MUST have the buff active to receive the siphon as they die.

Each of these guys will patrol a very small area and are clearly marked in the quest area.  Be mindful, as some of them have some mechanics that could cause you some trouble, so watch the ground and move accordingly.

Khepri, the Shining is around (560, 610)
Ahmes, the Full Moon is around (444, 620)
Neith, the Weaver is around (450, 596)
Azibo, the Tremor is around (470, 604)
Adofo, the Blade is around (507, 586)
Harbinger Sayyid is around (493, 649)


Tier 3: Kill Hazat, General of Aten

Objective:  Kill Hazat, General of Aten, while under the protection of the Eye of Horus.   He Patrols the bottom area, you’ll find him more towards the middle of the questing area.
And again, remember to have the buff active upon his death.


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