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The Secret World: The Draculesti Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Draculesti Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Draculesti Guide / Solution Shadowy Forest Milosh - (835,860)   The Secret World: The Draculesti Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Draculesti Guide / Solution30,000

Tier 1: Reset 5 Ghoul Traps in The Forest

The first stop in your tour of the area is a trapper out by the Ghoul Forest.

He will have you go around and re-set 5 ghoul traps in the area.

Tier 2: Track & Mark 2 Fang Run Gorethroats

Our next stop will be the Romany Hunter.  We will be helping him hunt 2 Fang Run Gorethroats.  To do this, grab some flares from the box right next to the hunter.

And throw them on the floor in the vicinity of a Fang Run Gorethroat.  We found that it took several tries for it to work properly.  If it works, your character will actually throw a flare onto the floor near the marker, and a few seconds later the Hunter will snipe the Gorethroat.

Tier 3: Photograph Fungal Creatures

Stop #3 on our tour of the zone will take us to the Romany Observer.  He wants some action shots of fungal creatures.

Make sure your camera is easily accessible and start fighting one of the three monsters he wants pictures of.  During combat, right click the camera and your screen will flash, just as if you have taken a picture in real life.  Do this for each of the Fungal Creatures in the area; The Incubators, Feeders, & Becomings.  Sadly, we do not get to see the pictures before returning the camera to the Observer. (Unless I missed something?)

Tier 4: Use The Cube & Collect a Hell Relic

Collect the Cube & Box of ExploSives from the Romany Demon Hunter.

Go to the marked area and start fighting demons.  When they get to approximately 10-20%, use the cube on the dying Hellspawn.

Afterwards, go to the marked choke-point on your map and start laying down explosives.

After all of the charges are set, set the bait right in the middle of it all and go hide behind a rock to wait for your pray to step into your trap.

When they get to the middle (and the game tells you to blow up the explosives), click on the item in your inventory and watch the fireworks go off.

When the fires have cleared, walk up and take the Hell Relic from among the charred corpses.

Bring it back to the Romany Demon Hunter to end the mission.

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