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The Secret World: The Dark Places Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Dark Places Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Dark Places Guide / Solution City of the Sun God Thutmose - (629,905)   The Secret World: The Dark Places Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Dark Places Guide / Solution20,000

Tier 1: Locate an Ideal Vantage Point to Survey the Canyon

Go to the mission mark on your map.  It will be on top of a very tall bridge with a long fall down.  At the center of the bridge will be a pair of binoculars.  Use them.  Here is where the trouble starts.  A Soul Corruptor will swoop down and knock you off the bridge.  This was a major WTF moment when me and Unfair were playing through this mission for the first time and we couldn’t stop laughing for a while.

Tier 2: Fend off the Canyon Spirits… Kinda

By all means, try to survive and fend them off.  You won’t.  You will die a horrible, horrible death sooner or later only to find out… you were suppose to die!

Tier 3: Search for Help & Defeat the Guardian of the Threshold

When you die, release and run back to the base of the bridge.  There you will find a Ghostly Warrior.  Click on him to make contact.

He will bring you to a portal that will return you to the land of the living.  You MUST use the portal, not just resurrect at your body.  When you come out, you will need to kill a Guardian of the Threshold.  When it dies, it will drop the Blade of Thutmose, which you will need in Tier 4 of the mission.

Tier 4: Use the Blade of Thutmose to Rally the Warriors

Go through the portal to return to the spirit world.  In other worlds, click on the portal to commit suicide.

Once back in the anima realm, open up your inventory and right click on the Blade of Thutmose while you have a ghostly warrior selected.  This will Rally his spirit into the blade.  Do this 4 times.  When you have the required spirits, use the portal from earlier to go back to the world of the living.

Tier 5: Fend off the Canyon Spirits, Take 2

Time to get revenge on the Canyon Spirits that killed you at the start of the mission.  This time, you will have the aid of ghostly warriors.  Open your inventory and right click on the Blade of  Thutmose to summon them.  Go to the marked area to begin fighting Spirits.

After a few waves, the Soul Corruptor who knocked you off the cliff will drop in and join the fight.  Begin attacking it.  When it’s HP gets low enough, it will fly off and you will have to give chase.

Tier 6: Travel Through The Canyon & Defeat Soul Corruptor

While passing through the canyon, there will be filth explosions going off everywhere.  Dodge them and make sure your ghostly warrior allies don’t get cought in them either.  There will also be a trash mob here and there, but they should die very quickly with you and the warriors attacking it together.

At last it’s time to kill the Soul Corruptor, make it pay for knocking you off the ledge!!  He has a swoop attack that is easy to dodge and has just under 14k hp.  The ghostly warriors will make quick work of it so that you may collect your mission reward.


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