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The Secret World: The Cost of Magic Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Cost of Magic Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Cost of Magic Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Zaha - (475,875)   The Secret World: The Cost of Magic Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Cost of Magic Guide / Solution46,670

Pre-Req’s: “The Girl Who Kicked The Vampire’s Nest” & “Bearing Gifts

Welcome to the Quest From Hell!

I want to start this one off by saying that never have I been this pissed off, and laughed this hard at the same time in my entire life playing games (That I can remember).  Please take the following suggestion and do this with friends and voice chat, record it and give me a link in the comments.  I want to experience your agony and suffering! =)  Alright, back to the guide.

Unfair Says:   “Ok, this quest was hilarious.  And I’d especially like to thank Voxxis for tagging along with us.  Many laughs were had at all of our expense while falling, blowing up, getting crushed, getting spiked, blowing up again…  I have to say, this is probably one of the most annoying, yet most entertaining experiences you might have in the game.  As Volaric said, grab some friends to do this with, it does help mitigate the frustration and adds a whole new level of fun when you snag a trip wire and kill your bust bud!”

Tier 1: Examine Zaha’s Ritual Notes

Tip: Make sure that Zaha’s Ritual Book is in your inventory before moving on, if you don’t, Tier 6 will bug out on you as you need it in order to proceed.

Tier 2: Infiltrate the Vampire Bastion & Steal Elder Blood

Here begins part 1 of your journey through a magical land of laughter and grief.  Have fun scaling these platforms.  You’ll encounter mines, extremely tough enemies, and enemies that knock you back (and off the platform so you have to start over).  Sounds fun right?  Lets get started.

Your first obsticle will be mines.  Weave your way through, and try not to kill your friends… Unless they annoy you and you want to see them die.  Just make sure you have a lot more hp 😉

Now, the “Correct” way to get all the way to the top is to not fight anything.  We had a third person along with us, Voxxis, so I went full tank gear, Unfair went healer mode and Voxxis was the dps.  We just blasted our way through it.  That’s one option.  If you’re solo, or want to be sneaky.. knock on the barrel.

When the big guy goes to investigate, head around him to cross safely.

When fighting vampires, always always always, ALWAYS, have your back to a box or barrels or something…UNLESS, you want to learn to fly.  If your back isn’t against something, you’ll get flung across the map and most likely off of the platform.  It’ll be a real pain if it happens near the top.

You will eventually reach a ladder with a baddie at the bottom.  Currently, you can ignore him.  Just click the ladder and start climbing.  You’ll survive the trip up unless you’re slow at the bottom or have less than 3k hp (guessing 3k range, please don’t hold me to that).  If you want to do it the correct way, there should be a barrel somewhere.

Same deal here, tap the barrel to run past or…

Brute force approach and just smash your way in.  Are you noticing a trend in what we like to do? lol,  Volaric SMASH!!

Same thing, barrel or smash, you choose.

Climb the ladder and collect your prize.  Congratulationz!!!! You finished Tier 2 of 5…  (queue evil laughter)

Tier 3: Steal an Elder Ghoul Heart from Sacred Heart Lake

A lake… what could possibly go wrong…  In all honesty, this one isn’t so bad.  You have to go from platform to platform without dying.  Rest at each one until you are at full hp before moving to the next.  Activate sprint, get a running jump off of your platform straight for the next platform.  When in the goo, run, don’t spam jump.  You’ll last about a half second longer.  When you’re at the right spot, hit the jump button to safely jump onto the next platform.  Be careful not to overshoot.

O yeah, did I mention there are mobs that have giant, painful AoE’s attacking you towards the second half of the platforms?  No?  Well, now I did.  Be sure to have a ranged weapon of some sort along with maybe a heal or friend who has heals to deal with this.  Having a stun/interrupt works just as well.

On the island with the hearts, you will not pull the big guy with over 500k hp as long as you stay on the opposite side of the totem from him.  Only 1 person in a group needs to loot the heart for everyone to get credit, but you will all most likely want to get one as it gives you a buff that allows you to run through the poison lake without taking damage for 2 minutes, enough time to safely get back to the main land, away from all the goop.

Tier 4: Go to Dark Woods & Collect Romany Herb Pouch

If you have a laggy connection, I feel sorry for you because it’s jump puzzle time.  The rune is at the edge of the cliff shown below, and when you click on it, platforms appear.  Jump from platform to platform until you reach solid ground, then repeat the process until you get to your goal.  Note that there is a floating lore along the path up.  Be sure to grab it while you’re here.

Unfair Says: “kjhdbfgikyasdflkhasbdkgjvkhasfsfagkhdfkjkwayfr  *head slamming on keyboard*  .. screw jumping.”

Tier 5: Go to Vantoase Hill & Get Werewolf Matriarch Canine

The gauntlet.  My personal favorite during this mission.  If you don’t know what to look for, you will die quite a few times to this one.

Up first are bear traps.

Here is where everyone always dies.  (I sat around after I finished it and watched how others progressed for a while just for lols)  Click the picture to see it a little better.  You’re looking at a tripwire attached to 2 grenades.  Step on it and you’ll go boom and take your friends with you if they’re close by.  Either Jump over it or have a tank walk through it and heal up afterwards.

People who run with their camera pointed at the floor will not be fooled by this one, but most others who run with their camera closer to the ground so that they can see further ahead will want to smash something here.  Jump over the log and go BOOM!  To get past it safely, jump over where Unfair is standing, all the way on the right side.

Picture of an empty road? Whats the big deal you ask?  Well, the answer is…. Many many Tripwires.  With 9k hp I can survive 2 trip wires in a row.  So naturally I just became the walking meat shield.  I would blow 2 up, heal up and continue forward until we passed the tripwire field.  If you don’t have a high hp person, have fun jumping.

More landmines

For this log, you need to jump up at the rock that I’m standing on, and travel through the cleared path towards Unfair before safely exiting on the other side.

Mines + Bear traps.

Ok.  Remember the log at the start how I said people with high cameras would never die.  Well, I keep my camera close to the ground so Instead of seeing this..

I ended up seeing this…   Pit of spikes, bad.  I fully expect Unfair to hijack this post and add a dozen more pics of me down there just to mock me when he gets back online.

Unfair Says: “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL  The Skype chat at just this moment was priceless.  Unfortunately I wasn’t recording.”

When you reach the top, in addition to the spike pits are walking giants that will 1-shot you no matter how much hp you have.  Just stay well away from them and you will be fine.  Collect the canine tooth at the west-most section o the marked area near the tree.

Head to the ritual area and use the book to be able to preform the ritual.

If you read the journal carefully, you’ll know that the order is  Bowl –> Left Skin –> Herbs -> Right Skin –> Heart –> Dagger.  So click away and collect your reward.  If you make a mistake, the giant to the right side of the alter will instantly kill you.


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