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The Secret World: The Cellar Door Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Cellar Door Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Cellar Door Guide / Solution Shadowy Forest Silviu Dimir - (1075,1095)   The Secret World: The Cellar Door Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Cellar Door Guide / Solution20,000

Pre-Req: “A Necessary Evil

Tier 1: Find & Explore The Cellar

The cellar is located in the building with a hole in the ground (East-most building at the farm).  Go down the hole and you’ll see the cellar in the corner.  Time for yet another Solo Instance.

Tier 2: Disable West Block Security System

Wander around until you come across the following site.  I’m going to assume you aren’t laser-proof, so make your way to the left, sneaking under the camera.

There will be a lever in the next room.  Go ahead and flip it to deactivate the Camera & Laser Beams.  You can also look at the map in this solo instance, so my location while standing on the lever is shown below on the map.

Continue forward and the same thing will occur.  You’ll come across more laser beams, simply go into the side room and flip the next lever.  Lever + map location provided below.

Lever #2

Your final obstical will come in the form of a hallway littered with mines.  Shoot them from a distance to make them go boom, clearing a path for you.

You will emerge in the Console/Control Room.  Head straight forward and walk up to the console at the opposite end of the room.

Console Location

Tier 3: Release Prisoner From His Cell

When you pull one of the levers, it will release Ghouls that will attack you.  If this happens, just dispatch them and continue with what you were doing.

The code to open the door for the prisoner (through trial and error) is 1,1,0(Left to right).

When you put in 1,1,0 (left to right), the prisoners cell will open, however, there is still a door blocking your path.

Tier 4: Disable East Block Security & Escape

The code to disable the East Block Security Door is (again, through trial & error) 1, 1, 1.

Putting in 1,1,1 will open the door on the far east side.

When here, you will be faced with laser beams once again, and the prisoner you freed cannot continue with them in his way, so you need to disable them.  Luckily, the levers to do so are easily accessible.  The first one is shown below.

And then you need to do the same thing one more time.  The final lever is in a room with quite a few ghouls.  Pull the little ones separately from the high-HP one that is sitting right on the lever.  Fight him alone to make it easy on yourself, although it should still be fairly easy.  Once again, pictures below.

With all of the security finally disabled, walk the prisoner to the ladder.  The mission should finish before you climb up the ladder.


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