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The Secret World: The Castle Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Castle Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Castle Guide / Solution Carpathian Fangs Rada Nastase - (515,770)   The Secret World: The Castle Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Castle Guide / Solution35,000

Tier 1: Enter Castle & Find The Servant’s Keycard (red)

The Way up begins @ (555,1020).

When you get up the hill to the actual castle, the entrance will be a window behind this building.

When you get inside, access the security terminal to get an unhelpful layout of the area.

As I guarantee you will probably get caught at least once during this mission, I’m going to start the guide out from within the jail.  When you are caught, you will be spawned in this room.  Kill the keeper to be able to look at his notes to find out the passcode for the gate.  Once you know the code, you do NOT need to kill him again if you get caught some more, you’ll just walk up to the gate, enter the code and walk on out.

The Door Code is 1852.  If you’re anything like me with these stealth missions, you’ll have this memorized in no time flat.

Once through the gate, click on the trap-door to come out at the room you entered into when you first climbed through the window.

The only place you can go at this point is upstairs, so head there and duck into this room.  Note the Patrol on the left hand side of the screen.  If he “catches” you, you go to the cell we just finished discussing.  There is a camera in this room, don’t be bad like me and get caught by it.  Safely pass through to the next room where you will find a book-case.

Pass through it.

This will put you in the room with the first keycard.  Sit here and watch the camera movements for 1 or 2 cycles so you know when to go for it.  It should be where it is now, then it will focus on the card, then go back to where it is now, THEN you make a run for the card as it will skip over to the other side of the desk and stay there for long enough for you to get the card.  Just watch the camera for a cycle or two and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Tier 2: Find The Guard’s Keycard (green)

Head right outside and go through the Green Keycard Door.  Beware of the patrol in this hallway.

In the next area, go through this doorway.

The keycard you need is circled in the room.  You need to time it so that the patroling guard doesn’t see you.  This may take a few tries, but yeah…  This mission is just all kinds of evil anyway.  (It gets worse later on!!)

Tier 3: Find The Bodyguard’s Keycard (blue)

This room is on the opposite side of the mini-hallway you came into 3 pictures above.  I’m not going to lie when I say I got caught in this room a minimum of 15 times throughout the course of the mission.  The timing for it is very specific.  You need patrol #1 to be going to the right, and Patrol #2 to go into the inlet shown below while you, #3 run as fast as you can past them while their backs are still turned.

You will appear in this room with a staircase.  You need to hide until the guy that you see on the stairs, comes back down and patrols the room.  You then need to get upstairs.

If this guy (on the right) is coming at you, back up a lot and wait for him to go back to where he came from.  He will turn into the area that I am standing at here, then make a u-turn and head back down the hallway.

When he does, go and stand right here, against the chalkboards.

Wait for him to pass by you, and run down the hallway that he came from.

Stay indoors, do not go out on the balcony quite yet.  You will come across rooms with cameras.  These are protecting the next keycard.  Simply slide under the camera’s radar and collect it when it is safe to do so.  I recommend watching the camera cycle one or two times so you can asses when it is safe to grab it.

Tier 4: Confront The Grey

Now it’s time to go out the door and onto the balcony.

From here, you can walk across the ledge against the wall on the left hand side while hugging the wall, and just drop down in front of the door.  Be very careful when going through the doorway, there is a patrolling guard in there that will capture you if he sees you.  Aditionally, there are 2 patrols in the courtyard that can catch you as well.

If you happen to get caught, you don’t have to go through the steps in Tiers 1-3 again.  You can simply go out this door, climb the stairs on the right, and hop onto the ledge to drop down into the doorway again.

Go to the opposite side of the room and open up the door using the keypad.

Fight your way through the hallway.  The time for stealth is finally over.  Blast the servants to bits to vent your frustration from the earlier parts of the mission.  (You might not be as frustrated as we were because you’re using this guide, but imagine having to figure out all that crap with the patrols.  It was not fun)

At the end of the hallway, there will be a room with a servant and box of explosives.  Go in there, kill the guy and grab the explosives.

Go back to the door that requires a golden keycard and plant the explosives on the lock mechanism to the left of the door.  IMMEDIATELY run into one of the side rooms to hide, the explosion will draw the attention of the enemies that put you in the cell.

After they finish investigating, and go about their business, walk into the room where you will be faced with The Grey.  I’m not going to lie, this fight is a pain in the ass.  You need a ranged weapon, and you need some sort of heal.  God Bless the “Forged in Fire” hammer elite passive for keeping me at 100%  every time I dropped to 50% throughout the fight or else I wouldn’t be able to do it.  This guy covers the room with blood.  He heals, he shoots you, he puts blood circles under your feat to damage you, he’s just all kinds of good fun.  To top it all off, he glitches when you kill him.  Like in Tier 25 of Mortal Sins, he will sit there at 0 hp and you will not be able to hurt him unless you use a targetless AoE ability.  He took another 2k hp to kill using targetless AoE after I got him to 0 hp.

General strategy to keep him out of the blood is to constantly be moving.  If anyone would like to post a trick to the fight, please do so in the comments below, I couldn’t find an easy way to deal with him outside of equipping that self heal passive ability.

When he is dead, loot the scattered documents from atop the table to finish the mission.

Exit the window when you are done to leave the area.

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