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The Secret World: The Big Terrible Picture Investigation Guide / Solution
The Secret World: The Big Terrible Picture Investigation Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Big Terrible Picture Investigation Guide / Solution Scorched Desert Montgomery - (?,?)   The Secret World: The Big Terrible Picture Investigation Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: The Big Terrible Picture Investigation Guide / Solution22,500

Enjoy the Opening Cinematic

Tier 1: Examine the Map & Notes

Start out by examining the map and notes on the table just inside the tent.

Tier 2: Ritual of the Sun & The Metallic Scarab

Examine the notes on the floor.

Here is the raw text if you don’t want to type it out yourself:

cngu bs gurfha-eryngrf abg whfg gb gurfbyne obql, ohg gur geniry bs gur uhzna obql-ovegu gb orlbaq
rvtug synzrf-rvtug fgngvbaf ba gur cngu bs yvsr? nygubhtu gur beqre vf abg jung frrzrq vavgvnyyl boivbhf

This is a Roman Cipher. You figure this out from the last note where a) It says the word cipher, and 2) “a rudimentary knowledge of Roman history should put a key to the lock“. You need to shift each letter 13 spaces. You can do this online here.

The result will be:

path of the sun relates not just to the solar body, but the travel of the human body birth to beyond
eight flames eight stations on the path of life although the order is not what seemed initially obvious

Follow this graphic to click on the pyres in the correct order.







Once you have clicked the Pyres, your mission will update, and the pillars will spawn awesome blue lights that point you towards your next destination. Put your jumping skills to good use and jump onto the platform.

At the end of the pathway will be your metallic scarab. Collect it to continue.

Tier 3: Perform the Ritual of Days

The first step is to examine the notes on the floor.

(Potentially Only works during daytime?  A few more confirmations in the comments below would be nice =)

Deciphering this note isn’t required for the mission, but here it is for those of you who would like to know:

Ritual of days-the coming forth by day – a focusing of light upon darkness
The priesthood of Amun driven underground by Atenists-enacts these rituals in secret why here?

The Sequence is as follows.

<Stand on the Stairs to Reach # 7>

Then it will hit the eye and you will be done.

This will deactivate all the lights, but the passage will open for you. Go through it and collect the Metallic Ankh.

Tier 4: Ritual of Lineage



Go down the tomb and /pray before the first statue to the left (Akhenaten).  

You need to /pray in front of the “true” names of the statues to make them become white(activated).  It will open up a room where you will get the metallic Eye.

Tier 5: Place Object at Aperture

Place the metallic objects on the aperture and an image will appear.

Tier 6: Return to Montgomery

When you return to Montgomery, a cinematic will play, after which you will need to read the rest of his notes.  They are located inside the tent.



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  • g0urra

    For tier 4: go down the tomb and /pray before the first statue to the left (Akhenaten).

  • Hoping to give this one another go either later today or this weekend. Want to finish the backlog of stuff before we get too much further, but we’re starting to encounter more and more bugged quests.

  • Nerm

    Think the ritual of day, funnily enough, only works during the day! 😀

    • The-Forbidden

      You have to click the big green crystal til it points to your desired starting point no sun required

      • The-Forbidden

        om all movible crystals

        • Assyb

          I can confirm this. Must click on the green crystal to make the ray point towards the first crystal. Doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, it will work.


    Can confirm that the quest only works during day time. The sun has to be high enough to strike the crystals/

  • velocette

    I did ‘Tier 3: Perform the Ritual of Days’ at night. At first it didn’t work so I thought *sigh* I’ll have to wait for day. But I get bored easily so I clicked on the big green crystal (on the wall above entrance, right near the research notes) to see what would happen and it ‘activated’ the light beam. I had to click on most of the crystals more than once to ‘tune’ them so they refracted the light beam to the next crystal but it was pretty straightforward.

    So either the quest has been altered or the sun was never a factor. The sun doesn’t create the light beam, it comes from the big crystal.

  • crevenant

    14:30 is the first time you can start.

  • grrr

    There is no “walkthrough” of tier 4 here.

    • Volaric

      “For tier 4: go down the tomb and /pray before the first statue to the left (Akhenaten).”
      Unless it has been changed since we did it 3 months ago.

      • It has been changed now. You need to pray before Akhenaten’s *original* name, Amenhotep. All the Amenhotep names are on the right-hand side of the corridor, so pray before these three. Then pray at them again to get the lights to go out, because it’s weird that way, and the quest will progress.

        • Sensile

          I can confirm this as well. Pray so that the statues on the south side (right) are lit and you get through tier 4.

    • Me

      Start praying with the dude on the left, go across then down and pray at them all… then go backwards and do it again to perform the ritual so the lights go on, the lights go off…

      • XaatXuun

        just did it, and nothing was happening, so I skipped the /pray to the dude on the left and just did the 3 on the right, and advanced

  • Your instructions for Teir 4 are wrong. As you enter the tomb you need to pray to the three statues on the right, startng at the one closest to the stairs and working your way in.

    • Sensile

      I just went through this quest and can confirm this poster’s instructions.

      • Boscot


  • Tier 4:

    “evghny bs yvarntr – n cenlre orsber eblnygl? pehqr qrcvpgvbaf bs nxurangra – gurfr jrer abg znqr gb ubabhe uvz.

    pbafvqre gur anzrf – nxurangra’f anzr renfrq nsgre qrngu – ohg gung jnf abg uvf gehr anzr n cenlre gb gehgu.”

    “ritual of lineage – a prayer before royalty? crude depictions of akhenaten – these were not made to honour him.

    consider the names – akhenaten’s name erased after death – but that was not his true name a prayer to truth.”

  • RSix

    Confirmed that tier 2 only works during daytime