The Secret World: The Animate Clay Guide / Solutions
The Secret World: The Animate Clay Guide / Solutions

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: The Animate Clay Guide / Solutions New York Dr. Aldini (423,409)   The Secret World: The Animate Clay Guide / Solutions1,795,250   |   The Secret World: The Animate Clay Guide / Solutions35,000
  Additional Mission Rewards:
  3 Credits of Ca' d'Oro

The DLC mission “The Animate Clay” starts with an item from the item shop that gives you a map pointing out The Modern Prometheus in NYC.

Once inside Dr Aldini’s lair you will see he has a new mission. His latest creation has escaped. 2014-06-09_00004

Tier 1


Objective: Search Dr. Aldini’s lab for clues.

There is a note on a nearby workbench.


Objective: Follow the trail of the creature.

The clues point to deep in the city. Head to (294,289).
From there follow the graffiti of blue hands pointing the way until you reach the lowest level. Then look around and you will eventually come across another note (326,335), this one with a business card for P Schuyler and Sons attached and also the good doctor’s stolen wallet is nearby.





Tier 2

The business card for P Schuyler and Sons and has a phone number for them. The number is in the UK so head to London.
After searching the back alleys of London you come across the area where you are supposed to contact P Schuyler and Sons. (253,207)


There is some apparent trash lying around but if you click each different object emits a sound. But what sound to play? If you are able to call the number on the card you will get a clue. If you can’t make this call yourself, flyingcucco of The Secret World forums has kindly posted a recording on youtube for the community to listen to.

As the recording says you can contact them by playing their little tune. To do this you will have to use the trash in the alley. This is the order: Shopping Cart, Trash Can, Brick Wall ,Plastic Container, Running Water. If you get it right an NPC will appear.



You must enter Dr Aldini’s account number. If you remember, the x-ray in his clinic shows the number 112016. When you enter this the NPC will drop an invoice that directs you to the Innsmouth Academy and your mission will update telling you to go there.



Tier 3

Objective: Travel to Innmouth Academy

On entering the Academy grounds the mission objective updates.

Objective: Search the grounds for the mission P Schyler and Sons employees

When you get to the academy you need to search the grounds. Look around until you find a dead body under a bush with a cell phone (344, 388). You can view it’s text history.


Objective: Find the location referenced in the message

The phone directs you to find an eye (gate of the academy) and walk East and South a ways. Following these directions you will find another note and an ID badge. (396, 340)



Objective: Determine the identity of the corpse

Head back to the academy to use their computer. If you use a barcode scanner on the damaged ID badge you will get the number 01221121. Enter this as the ID in the computer (290,364) and you can access a journal entry.

Tier 4


Objective: Find the creature’s lair

The clues in the journal passage say to go back to New York and when cross referenced with the excerpt from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, it points to the crossing of John and Adams streets (373, 326). (The clue in the journal reads ‘…at the fateful sign where her words cross..’. In the excerpt John Melbourne and Adam are referenced.)
When you go there you will see a grate in the street. Go down!
Objective: Confront the creature


You end up inside the very large warehouse basement. In order to get through the puddle of water on the right hand side, use the fuse box on the far left hand wall to turn off the electricity. Find the monster in the maze of crates and kill him.



Objective: Inspect the creature’s lair
Once you have killed him he will get back up, the mission then updates.

Objective: Permenantly destroy the creature
To do this you must drag him to that same puddle of water, knock him down and turn on the electricity again.

Objective: Inspect the creature’s lair
Now that it has met its final destruction turn off the electricity once more and read it’s final note.


Many thanks to Martlet and Miarla, as always with investigations in The Secret World, it was a community effort!

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