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The Secret World: Supply Run Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Supply Run Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Supply Run Guide / Solution Kingsmouth Town Helen Bannerman - (187,319)   The Secret World: Supply Run Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Supply Run Guide / Solution5,000

Tier 1: Find a Local Phonebook

The Phonebook is in the corner of the Police Station, Examine it.

This will circle locations you need to go to in the phonebook, and place markers on your map.

Tier 2: Collect Preserved Food From Susie’s Diner

First stop is Susie’s Diner for some preserved food.  Head inside and collect the cans from behind the counter.

Tier 3: Collect Ammunition Boxes From Call of The Wild

Next stop is Call of The Wild for some ammo.  There are three boxes, grab each of them.

Tier 4: Find Creed Bros Hardware Supplies

Next you will go to Creed Bros Hardware Supplies.  When you interact with the door, you will be attacked.

The Jury-Rigged Protector is programmed to attack any intruders.  You don’t feel like dying today, so go ahead and kill it.

Tier 5: Find Flagg’s Pharmacy

When you go to the pharmacy for medical supplies, you find it locked.

Go up the street a ways and check the phonebook for another possible source of first aid materials.

Tier 6: Collect First Aid Kits

The phonebook will lead you to the fire station.  Inside, there are first aid kits mounted on the walls.  Grab three.

Tier 7: Place Supplies in The Store Room

When you have everything, go back to the police station.  Put the supplies in the station’s store room.


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