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The Secret World: Sins of the Father Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Sins of the Father Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Sins of the Father Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Dr Varias - (1115,1072)   The Secret World: Sins of the Father Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Sins of the Father Guide / Solution35,000

Tier 1: Enter The Underground Bunker

Head to the area indicated on the map and enter the solo instance.

Tier 2: Reach The Reactor Section

Start off by accessing the security panel up ahead.  Hit 4 on it to advance the quest.  Additionally, use option 5 to route emergency power to the 4th reactor.  You’ll need this to power a door later.  Also be sure to open up the map and have a good long look at it.

You start out in the very bottom of the map.  The 4 offset rooms on the left are the 4 reactors for the next step in the quest.   The upper right portion of the map is used for the final tiers of the mission.  The items you are looking for during Tier 1 are all in the bottom section, including the 2 side rooms as a door is blocking off access through the hallway to the reactors.  Our first step is to get that door open.





Be careful when moving through the shadows.  Always hug walls and try to go around enemies.  They will murder you 1v1 and once you aggro one, you’re basically dead.  It’s just a matter of time until they get you.  If you aggro one, you can keep moving around collecting things for a good long time because they are slow, but they do not give up until you can run far enough away(only possible once you get the door open).

The first item you need is a Fusebox to obtain a electrical fuse.  Just keep following walls safely and you’ll stumble across it along with a crate that contains flares, and some exposed wiring.

Once you have the fuse & wiring, make your way towards the door that opens to the long hallway on the map.  Replace the broken wiring and pull the lever to open the door.

Tier 3: Activate Reactors

Once I got through, I noticed the flare in my inventory. DUH!  O well, I ended up never using it, but if you want to, then by all means, go for it.

The lights are on below because screenshots were semi-useless in the dark.  So I went back and took them again during the next part of mission.  So no, you didn’t miss something if the lights aren’t on yet, don’t panic!

The order in which you activate the reactors matters.  Inside one of the reactor rooms is a corpse.  On that corpse, we have the following note, it tells us the order in which we need to bring them online.

2 ways to turn them on.  1 is to be sneaky, which frankly, I suck at.  So the way I did it (that will result in a death!) is to just book it and run.  The big enemies are slow enough to not be able to kill me by the time I activated all four reactors.  I’m a tank however, so yeah… little bit easier for me.  You can still see how low I got by the end of it.  The longer you can stay stealthy, the better.  If you get cought, it’s not over.  Just start running.

The reactors are marked at the entrances.  To the left and right of each passageway are notes with the number of the reactor on them.  They look just like the notes in the pictures below, except outside the rooms, and yes, they are visible when it’s dark.

When the reactors are all online, the lights power on.  But hold on, so do the cameras.  Engage some more sneak skills!  Go through the door to advance to the final section of the solo instance.

Tier 4: Retrieve The Varias Research Data

Dodge cameras by hiding under them.  If they see you and turn red, run away.  A turret will start shooting you.  Run back to the previous section, well out of the cameras LoS and wait for 1 minute.  That is how long it takes the camera to go back to normal and the turret to de-spawn.

When you come to this guy in the middle of the hallway, let him patrol forward.  He will turn to the left for a few seconds.  This is enough time for you to dash behind him and hide behind some boxes.

Wait for him to come out of the room and start going down the hall again before going into the room.

Time for laser beams, PEW PEW!!  Jump over the first set of floor lasers and climb over the boxes on the right.  Navigate to the first switch on the wall and flip it.  Some of the lasers will now turn off.

From there, the path to the next switch should be obvious.

In the next room, the difficulty is ramped up slightly, but nothing you can’t handle.  Jump over the first floor beams.

and get to the top of the servers/boxes shown below.

Drop down on the other side and hop over some more lasers to arrive at the first switch for this room.

From here, it’s a straight shot across to the second switch, plus 2 jumps over lasers.

Hit the switch, more lasers will deactivate and you will be granted access to the server room.

Does this guy look familiar from an earlier mission?  He should if you’ve been doing all of the missions.

Tier 5: Locate & Destroy Prototype XL-239

Be sure to grab the red key-card from the desk here, it can be easy to miss because the red and yellow mix well and make it hard to spot right away.

Hit the switch on the wall to de-active the remaining lasers.

Use your sneak skills to get to the controls in this order: Power –> Ventilation –>Lockdown.  The box I’m hiding behind is a safe spot to start out at and access how the cameras move.

With systems disabled, proceed to face the prototype.

He has a frontal cone poison spray.  And he moves slow.  Throughout the entire kill I simply ran circles around the pillar while shooting him with my shot-gun.  He didn’t deal more than 2k damage to me.  Just stay ahead and use active-dodge at opportune moments and he’s a cake-walk.

Alternate Method Provided by Svop:

There are 2 switches. one in each room. When you turn em on, the turrets focuses fire on the Prototype. Go back and forth between them and switch em on, couse they do reset and needs to reload. Easy kill.

When he’s dead, make a run for the door.  You can sneak if you want, but the mobs won’t catch you before you exit.

Additionally, Thanks to Qualia,

“While it may be exciting to run towards the entrance, chased by all manner of horrible abominations, there IS in fact an exit door in the room where you find the Prototype :)”


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