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The Secret World: Shrooms Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Shrooms Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Shrooms Guide / Solution Shadowy Forest Shrooms - (965,770)   The Secret World: Shrooms Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Shrooms Guide / Solution10,000

Tier 1: Eat a Mushroom

Eat the mushroom where you started the quest.  Simple enough.  But aren’t some mushrooms considered drugs??

Tier 2: Follow The Strange Lights Above The Lake

The world will turn very trippy once you eat the mushrooms.

Go back towards the lake and find the groups of red, blue, and green lights.  The start of the trail is shown below.  Use the mini-map in the corner to get the location if you still can’t find it.  You have 2 minutes from when you eat the mushrooms to when you have to finish the mission, so best be on your way and follow that trail!

Start following the lights through the world.  It may get confusing at times, but it will become obvious in a hurry if you start going the wrong way as there will be no more Christmas lights on your screen.

Tier 3: Collect The Strange Mushrooms

Collect the Mushrooms at the end of the trail of Sparkly Lights to finish the mission.  They are @ 695,820.


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