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The Secret World: Selected Memories Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Selected Memories Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Selected Memories Guide / Solution Carpathian Fangs Lidiya's Terminal - (1005,915)   The Secret World: Selected Memories Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Selected Memories Guide / Solution35,000

Bring a Group, or just Corpse Hop/Run from place to place very quickly for this mission.  Solo requires doing things properly, whereas if you bring a group you can just slaughter everything in your path during the mission.  Your choice.

Tier 1: Gain Entrance to The Soviet Base

Entrance is shown below.  The enemies you will encounter during this mission are tough, they hit hard and have a lot of HP.

Tier 2: Gain Entrance to The Hangar

In order to get into the Hangar, you can just run through the base and up this fallen Steel Pillar.  It will take you right up to the roof where enemies will not follow you.  When you are ready, drop through the hole to begin.

Tier 3: Find Room Where Secret Documents Are Stored

You will need to descend into the basement area to find the Secret Documents.

Here is the major mechanic to this mission.  There will be valves attached to pipes.  The pipes will normally spew slime until someone clicks on a valve.  When you do, they will temporarily stop and allow you to pass.

Another key feature to these, is that they will 1-shot enemies, while they will only push you off of the platform, and cause a lot of damage, but it shouldn’t kill you.

Continue following the platform to make your way towards the Secret Documents.

This one took a while to gather the nerves to try out, but it isn’t as bad as you would expect.  There are 3 slime sprays.  The middle one turns on and off every few seconds.  When it is off, jump over the first spray into the safety of the location where the 2nd one is off.  Then Active dodge through the third slime spray.  If you get hit by this one, you will NOT be tossed off of the platform.  Funcom stuck an invisible wall there to show some mercy.

You will eventually come to this point.  (Note that there is a ladder going up right behind my character, do not go up this ladder yet).  If you have a group and want to kill the enemy on the left side of the platform, you can do that.  If you are solo, You’ll want to kill him using more unfair tactics.  To my characters right, there is a valve that will open a slime spray.  Test it out so you know where to drag the enemy later.

The Spray will come out of the pipe on the right, Just go run to aggro the Warden and immediatly turn around and run back to safety behind the spray after you(or a friend) turns it on.  When he walks up to you, he will be hit by the spray and die.

Now you can safely go inside the office and look at some Secret Documents.

Tier 4: Gain Access to The Container

The final piece of the puzzle is on the lower floor behind the 2 guards inside a container.  If you have a group, or even just 2 people, you can have 1 person kite around the big guys while the other gets the documents, then switch.  Or you can climb the ladder that is behind where my character is currently standing(Missed taking a picture of it, sorry)  You are suppose to climb up that ladder and walk across a pipe to drop safely to the floor behind the 2 enemies, but my group didn’t have the patience for that at the moment, so I just ran in and kited everything until they got their documents.  Then i went and grabbed them myself.

You open the container by blowing up the canister right in front of it.

And then walk inside to find the rest of the documents.

When everyone is done, Take the exit in the corner to port outside, without having to run all the way out of the compound yourself.


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