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The Secret World: Rogue Agent Quest Guide with Solution
The Secret World: Rogue Agent Quest Guide with Solution

Tier 1

Go to the Illuminati base and get another phone call instructing you to go to Seoul.

Tier 2

Head over to Agartha and take the portal to Seoul.

Upon arrival, you will get a phone call saying to meet up with the contact at a PC Bang.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it’s basically a LAN Party held in an internet cafe in Korea.

Upon arrival, you get another phone call telling you to use the computer to set up a meeting, do so by simply clicking on the computer.

Tier 3

Go to the Agartha Portal located here and Enter the Agartha Solo Instance.

Tier 4

Here is the fun World Tree traversal mission.  It’s fairly linear throughout.  You will soon come across a person called “The Judiciary”.  Start attacking and he will run away when it’s hp reaches approximately 50%.  In the next phase of the World Tree or two, you will come across “The Variable”, another Templar agent.

At the fork below, the left portal doesn’t take you anywhere so take the right one.

Keep traveling through the area.  If you see this place, you’re on the right track.

You’ll stumble upon The Variable and The Judiciary one more time each.

When you get stuck in what seems like an infinite loop while looking for the Custodian, you will have to jump down to the path below as seen here.

When you run up to the Damaged Custodian, your telephone buddy tells you that the Custodians are basically “The Final boss of the internet”, so the person you are pursuing must have ungodly powers to be able to damage/disable the custodians.  Upon clicking on the Custodian, you see its last vision before it turned off.  In this vision, you see your target enter the portal below.

Edit: Mission Modified

I have been informed that Funcom has modified this quest a little at this point.  Thanks to Arkangyal Khans for pointing this out and letting us know how to do this part in the new version.

“After you saw the Damaged Custodian’s last vision jump down and you need to travel in Agartha again. Just enter that port and on a new tree go for the farest port. If you are in the right direction you’ll earn XP and the quest Tier switches to 5/6 (Recover the Artifact).”

So go ahead and jump down once again in order to follow your target to the next phase.

Tier 5

This will be the end of your World Tree Traversal for the time being.  Head into the portal to Shambala after your prey.  Note that the following section requires quite a bit of gear or very skillful play to succeed.

After zoning into the new area, you will see three enemies before you; Rhys Delacroix, The Variable, and The Judiciary.  These are very tricky to defeat, especially if you are undergeared.  I recommend at least full QL6 before attempting this, and you’ll still probably need a potion.  Your first task is to defeat the two adds, The Variable and The Judiciary.  Keep them both together as much as possible and stand right on them.  Reason being, Rhys Delacroix will throw grenades at you during the fight.  These grenades also damage The Variable and The Judiciary.  They will two-shot these adds.  So when he throws a grenade at you, back up or sidestrafe to the outside border of it, but make sure the adds stay inside the blast radius and watch their health plummet.  Weather you need to use a 2nd grenade to kill them depends entirely on how much dps you’ve been putting out.  Once they are dead, the tricky part begins.

Rhys Delacroix will get 2 buffs during the fight that will devastate you.  One of them is a shield, the other is him casting an AoE channeled spell that is uninteruptable and will kill you as it has unlimited range.  The way you ounteract this, is when he has the shield up, you need to run over to the green statue and it will remove it from him.  When he is channeling the AoE spell, run to the red statue and it will interrupt him.  If he has both up, go to remove the shield first, because the interrupt from red will not work if he has the shield up.  A few cycles between the statues while blasting away and he will go down.  Be sure to have potions ready just in case.


Tier 6

Now that you have recovered the artifact, it is time to head to New York to Ship the thing away, as per you phone friends instructions.

When you arrive in New York, go to street level and to the location marked on your map.

There will be a crate, put the artifact in the crate and celebrate.  You’re done!

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  • Hump

    This is the illuminati mission.
    There is also a dragon mission with the same name, where you interact with the said rogue agent

  • Lexxie

    Hardest quest I have encountered in the game so far, combat wise. By a LONG way. Was ready to /wrists a few times! Nice write up.

  • very nice walk through.

  • Funcom modified this quest. After you saw the Damaged Custodian’s last vision jump down and you need to travel in Agartha again. Just enter that port and on a new tree go for the farest port. If you are in the right direction you’ll earn XP and the quest Tier switches to 5/6 (Recover the Artifact).
    I spent about 3 hrs last night roaming in Agartha because after the 2nd Templars never met the 3rd one. Logged off and today started again. Respawned in Seoul, entered Agartha and now I’m standing at Shambala entrance. Wish me luck, boys and girls.

    • Lexxie

      And there was me being all hopeful when I read your first sentence lol. The Agartha bit is the easy bit for me. The quest is no longer ‘devastating’ in my mission log, just ‘Very Hard’. :'( How’d you get on?

  • CrzyAzn

    I just did this in QL4/5 gear. Was rough but was able to do it.

  • Anybody know the fastest way to get back to the snow section? I was there, died and rezed at the light thing, then I was invited to do a dungeon. Now I don’t know how to reenter that area.

    • Volaric

      Go to Seoul, then zone back into Agartha, it’ll be the solo instance version.

  • So when it says go right and keep going, i keep going forward and it sends me in a loop. Only by going to the first right portal then abck into it does it work properly. At first i thought it was a wierd glitch cuz every guide says to keep going, but CONFIRMED THREE TIMES you have to go backward. hy does every guide say otherwise?

    • Volaric

      Funcom may have changed the missions slightly since the time this guide was written, which was during week 1 of the game’s release.

  • oooo

    if im going out to buy more pots to shambala, do i hav to do the quest from start?

  • The last fight is unnecessarily hard and frustrating. Fully kitted out slayer build QL5 gear with a rack-load of potions, and I haven’t completed it yet.

  • Jacob

    I feel as if you all left out the fact that on the “dragon Faction Side” our way of doing the rest is different and you haven’t address it as a matter of fact no website has shown it. When in Tier 2 there is no computer to click there is no clickables at all it says to follow the rogue agent right when you reach the PC cafe BUT!!!!! when it updates to tier 2 there is NOBODY!!! to follow lol. I found where you have to aimlessly wander in the city for it to update. ive taken screen shots as well incase anyone wants to see the location. But cant seem to post on the forum so a bit of a description to where would be. Where the rescurration point for the map is i want you to go there and next to it your see a pole with yellow caution tape around it keeping going straight (if you press M to view map just go north.) your see a orange van and infront of it another pole keeping going straight and your see a third pole with caution tape and right after you pass that pole take a sharp left and go down those stairs. and BOOM!!! a mission update to tier 3 😛 hope this helps!

  • tsa

    1. In Tier 5 when you have to jump down to follow your “prey”, look at the picture. You take the portal that is next to the broken end, then turn to the right and follow the long branch.
    2. As a blade/fists survival build I thought the fight was pretty easy – position the adds into the grenades, if you are low on health (And I was, very often) use the statue. Hide behind it and heal up a bit.