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The Secret World: Ripples Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Ripples Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Ripples Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Vampire Hunter - (540,1100)   The Secret World: Ripples Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Ripples Guide / Solution40,000

Tier 1: Kill The Plague Herald

Head south a little bit until you reach the tractor.  Pick up a Gas Can, you little fire-starter you.

Burn the mostly naked headless woman’s rotting corpse, as well as a few more around on the floor in the area.

Make your way to the next marker to investigate the atrocious smell.  When you get close, a Plague Herald will spawn.  Kill it to move on to the next Tier of the mission.

Tier 2: Kill the Herald of Ashes

This is a simple mini-puzzle.  You should clear the area where the haystacks are of all scarecrows because you’re going to be running between the haystacks.  When the area is clear, light a haystack, it doesn’t matter which one is first.  Once that is lit, a trail of fire will spread to another haystack.  Follow it and light that one on fire.  Keep doing this and you will notice that you draw a star on the ground as you go.  Note that steping on the fire hurts, so be careful.  Once you finish drawing the star, the Herald of Ashes will spawn in the center.  Defeat him to move on to Tier 3.

Tier 3: Destroy the Headless Terror

Go inside the barnhouse on the map.  Click the 4 scarecrows on the walls inside the building and then slay the Headless Terror when he appears.  Someone was already fighting him when we got here, so we just clicked the scarecrows and managed to tag the Headless Terror right before he died.

Tier 4: Kill the Herald of Sorrow

Head to the burned down farmhouse marked on your map and investigate the body you find inside.  Be ready for a fight when you do.

The Herald of Sorrow will spawn.  During the fight, he will drop a feather that you have to loot before you actually kill him.  The best time to loot it when you are solo is when he channels his, I’m going to throw feathers straight in front of me for 5 seconds, move.  Move out of it and quickly loot the feather.

Once that is over, go up to the top floor of the building that is in the South Western Corner of your mission circle.  You will have to place the feathers while following a star shape.  When you do, the Herald of Sorrow will spawn one final time, and you will end its life one final time.

Make sure to pick up “Scarecrows for Dummies” while you are up here.


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