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The Secret World: Revenge Served Hot Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Revenge Served Hot Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Revenge Served Hot Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Celine - (610,600)   The Secret World: Revenge Served Hot Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Revenge Served Hot Guide / Solution40,000

Tier 1: Find Celine’s Phone at The Cabin

The Phone is on the South East side of the cabin, on the floor right in front of the door.  When you examine it, you find three text messages.

Tier 2: Kill the FIlth Infected Laurent

To get to the next area, go down the right fork when you get to this area.

He will be at the tip of the mountain-like line on your mini-map, at the pool of Filth.  Looks like the Filth caught up with Laurent.  Kill him and read the three text messages on his phone.

Tier 3: Search for Anyone Who Might Have Come to Help

To complete this section, you need to get around the back side of the giant pool of filth where the 500something thousand hp monster lurks.  Kill the Den Alpha on the other side of the mini-lake and it will drop a cell phone.  Check it to view 2 more text messages.

Tier 4: Look for Adrian’s Guys & Kill The Experimenter

Continue further into the cave system.  Look for the Experimenter within the red area marked on your map, should be easy to spot.  When you kill him, you see that he has 1 last text message for you to browse through.

Tier 5: Kill the Infected Den Mother & The Contaminator

Head up the hill and kill the Infected Den Mother along with the Contaminator.  You can pull them separately as the Contaminator does not move.  Standing in the filth won’t hurt you as much as you would expect so feel free to stand in it.


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  • Matteo Canu

    This is a very hard mission, but can be soloed, the initial part is the hardest, many mobs can be skipped and you can run to the then mother having to face only the alpha as the others stop chasing you once you reach the most inner wall of the cave