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The Secret World: Questions and Answers Tier 3 Solution
The Secret World: Questions and Answers Tier 3 Solution

After you finish dawning of an endless night, follow the quest markers and watch cut-scenes for a while. After a time, you will be in an interrogation room. There is a personel file on the desk. Take a look at it for the door code required to leave this place. The code is 9101, as you can see in the files under Alexander Amanar’s name.

Go down the hallway and into the office.

There are 2 papers on the desk and a cell phone on the chair by the entrance. If you read all of these, you find that his wife’s name is Leona, and his dog’s name is Kirsten. The other note on the table pretty much tells you that his password sucks because it’s either his dogs or wifes name. trying both of these, you gain access to the computer when you use the dogs name; kirsten. All lowercase.

When you’re at the computer, press 3 to read the reply message to “Another Delivery”

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