The Secret World – PvP Summary and Review
The Secret World – PvP Summary and Review

PvP Within The Secret World

The fourth and final Open Beta Weekend for the Secret World is upon us. During the weekend, players will get to experience the PvP gameplay in The Secret World. In light of this, I thought it would be appropriate to go through the various elements and what you can expect before you log in.

There is a variety of different PVP options available withing The Secret World. The three main types are Fight clubs, Battlefields, and Warzones. These range from arena style gameplay, to 20-minute killing sessions, to long term persistent PvP.

While the Societies do agree that they must unite against the rising evil in the world, they still clash for power. They are allowed to duke it out in battlefields and warzones. Teams are deployed to these regions to wrest control from the opposing societies. Control of these places leads to society wide buffs being applied.

Fight Club

I know I’m breaking the first rule of fight club, which is to never talk about fight club, but I think an exception can be made just this once.

Every major city has one fight club; one in London, one in New York, and one in Seoul. This is the anything goes arena. You can set up duels, 2v2, 3v3, 10v10, whatever your heart desires here. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even raid opposing Societies fight clubs and wreak havoc. Be warned though, other players shall remember your name and won’t let you get close in the future. This type of freedom will allow for some excellent griefing. I personally can’t wait to make some scrubs cry tears of agony while they complain how unfair the system is. (See what I did there? unfair? ha.. haha)


The Secret World holds many ancient relics in locations of Legen… wait for it… dary proportions. On these Battlefields, the Secret Societies battle over who controls them. There will be two battlefields at launch; Stonehenge and Eldorado.

Stonehenge is a 5v5v5 king of the hill type battlefield. Points are awarded to whichever team has the most players in the inner ring of Stonehenge. Points are also awarded for knocking people out of the ring, or killing them. This allows for two basic strategies for gameplay on this map. Teams may either dig in at the center and go all out survival. Or they may go for all out offense and completely blow everyone up and out of the inner ring. A majority will strike some sort of balance between the two. Only time will tell what the winning strategy is going to be.

Players battle for the control point in Stonehenge

Eldorado is the second Battlefield available come launch.

The Secret Societies found more ancient Mayan relics in Eldorado and have dispatched 10 man teams to take control of them. This is capture the flag with it’s own twist. Instead of grabbing flags, you take hold of relics and defend them. You can pick them up and have them be mobile, or you can plant them in the ground and defend them there. Where you plant is important because you can choose between choke points to funnel your enemies toward you, or tops of hills so you can have a good vantage point and fire upon them as they approach. When you plant the relic, your team gets a buff as long as they stay in range, however, the flag can be picked up by the enemy much faster than if a player holding the flag dies and drops it. Teams must decide how they want to handle the relics. Plant or carry. Eldorado is all about group synergy and tactics.

Another aspect that is refreshing about the battlefield is that it is not symmetrical. All teams start in the center, the relics spawn on the outer edges. Your team must decide which relics to go for, and which teams to fight against right off the bat as each team scrambles to get a relic of their own.

The results of battlefields are monitored, and rewards are given to players who excel. Each player receives tokens which can be spent on powerful gear. Additionally, the society that has the most wins within the last hour will get a powerful buff for their entire society which boosts damage, healing, health and experience gained.


There will be one Warzone at the launch of the game, the Fusang Project.

The Fusang Project is on its own level in The Secret World. It is a persistent PvP zone that is up and active 24/7 (barring server downtime). It is here that the secret societies fight for control of valuable facilities. The Fusang Project is an abandoned Chinese village which was, dun dun dun, build on an ancient burial ground!!! There are four facilities in the Warzone. In order to gain control, a society must defeat the Anima Guardian that lies within. While you cannot kill the Anima Guardian, when you weaken them, they become loyal to your society and work for you protecting it.

Defeating it is much easier said than done. Since each society can have 150 players in the Warzone at a time, this means there can be up to 450 players in the Warzone at any given moment. These players will all be assaulting and defending various facilities. There are anima wells(resurrection points) scattered throughout the map the forces must consider taking control of if they wish to mount an assault on a facility so that they may respawn closer to the action and get back in the fight faster.

The fact that it is 1v1v1, society wise, means that no 1 society can ever get too powerful because the other two can team up and overpower the dominating society. This makes for a deep meta game. Can you trust the players you are teaming up with? Can they trust you? Will you stab them in the back last second? All of these questions must be considered.

So Warzones are pretty awesome, but what do we get for participating? Well, you get tokens for completing various missions within the Warzone. These tokens can be traded in for powerful armor and weapons. Additionally, for every facility your Society controls, every member of that society will receive a substantial buff. This buff WILL STACK with the buff from battlefields. It boosts damage, crafting effectiveness, healing, health, and experience gain.

There is a wide variety of PvP options available and there is a place for everyone. That wraps up the summary of The Secret World PvP game modes. Check back soon for my thoughts on each one after I own some more of you within them =)

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