The Secret World – Pre-Order FAQ
The Secret World – Pre-Order FAQ

Tarib over at the secret world forums answers questions regarding Pre-Orders.

What exactly is there to buy?
Pre-Order the game. Do this via Funcom directly or another retailer.
Retailers will send you a code to add the game to your Funcom account, which will then list the pet you will have (Cat, Dog, Wolf).

Initiate Pack. Stand alone pack anyone can add via the Funcom site.

Master Pack. Stand alone pack anyone can add via the Funcom site. This is completely unrelated to the Initiate Pack.

Grand Master Pack. Includes the Master pack, also gives Lifetime subscription as well as a Snakeskin Jacket. Can be purchased Stand alone or as an upgrade to the Master Pack.

Pre-Order pets:
These are discussed and listed here:

Registration Key:
You will only get a registration key from other retailers than buying direct from Funcom. Buying from Funcom automatically applies the purchase and perks to your account you purchased with.

This key is not a beta key for closed/ongoing beta.

How do name reservations work?
You are reserving the nickname for your character. This is the uninque name for the character, that is part of the First_name, Nickname, Last_name set up. In the game when creating a character you will pick all three names, nickname is what is being reserved now.

Example: John Amazing Doe

The nickname must be at least 4 character and can be followed by numbers.

Upgrading to Grand Master Later:
The Grand Master Pack will stay available also after launch of the game for those who decide to go lifetime later on.

I bought Master, what if I want to upgrade to Grand Master:
You will be able to upgrade from a Master Pack to a Grand Master Pack to the price of roughly the difference between the two.

How good are the pre-order items going to be?
The starter weapons, talismans and pets will be very helpful when starting in the game. When progressing through the game players will naturally get their hands on better equipment and weapons. You will still be able to use your pre-order pet for example, but you will most probably have found other items that will suit your current progression.

My payment seems to be stuck in “Process Pending”
Famine has some replies in this thread regarding the issue:

If I order from Funcom, when do I get charged:
Anyone who pre-orders and does not purchase a pack will billed the week before Early Access starts. All other purchases (ie those including a pack) will be billed immediately.

I want to preorder with my existing account (AO, AoC, etc):
If you login to your account on the registration page ( you should see the option “Add a Game” under the menu point “Account” on the left side.
In the upcoming list you can choose The Secret World where you will be able to pre-order.

Is the Initiate Pack included in the Master or Grand Master packs?
The Master Pack and the Grand Master Pack do not include the Initiate Pack. But the Grand Master Pack includes the Master Pack.

Do I get a physical copy of the game?
Pre-orders over Funcom and other digital retailers will be for digital download of the game. A physical box is available at retailers.

Will there be a Collector’s Edition of the game?
Currently there is no Collector’s Edition planned.

I can’t link my forum account to my game account!
The link between forums and game account will happen at launch of the game. So it’s correct that you currently can’ not set that up yet that in the billing page

Can I add more than one pre-order key to the same account?
Not anymore

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