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The Secret World: Polaris (Dead in the Water) Boss Guide
The Secret World: Polaris (Dead in the Water) Boss Guide

The Polaris is a wrecked cargo ship. You will encounter the dreaded water monsters and zombies with their impale and pound abilities. The normal version of the dungeons is tuned for QL3 green tier players although it is recommended to have a few QL4 to be safe(Assuming Normal difficulty, Full QL10 required for elite difficulty setting). Good luck and have fun =)

Within the dungeon, there is a locked container. To open the container, put in any random numbers 3 times.On the third time, hit OK and the probe will unlock.

First Boss: Haughbui Jarl

HP: 51,663
Strategy: This boss doesn’t do anything that will one shot you. It is pretty much a tank and spank fight. Avoid electricity voids when he casts them and do not stand in the water. Enjoy your free loot.

Second Boss: Blarbane Sorceress

HP: 38,747
Strategy: Avoid electricity clouds when she summons them. From time to time she will summon minions, just take them out quickly so they do not bother your healer.

Third Boss: The Varangian

HP: 67,808
Strategy: There are two phases to this fight.
Phase 1: The Varangian jumps in to the water and start to attack everyone that is close to him. In this phase Varangian don’t have anything extremely dangerous. You just need to avoid aoe (Electric Cloud) from time to time when he starts casting it. Whenever he disappear, kill all the adds you see.

Phase 2:
The Varangian runs away into the next room. In this phase you need to stay focused and look for an electric ground aoe. Don’t stand in the water or you’ll get electrocuted. You need to jump on to the containers in the room and stay on top of them. From time to time The Varangian will cast the electric aoe onto a container. Make sure to switch containers quickly and minimize time in water. I suggest staying very close to another container so that you can switch quickly.

Fourth Boss: Haughbui Mother

HP: 45,208
Strategy: This boss don’t have any super dangerous abilities. Make sure to avoid her cleaves (Corpulent Slam). Just focus on beating down the boss and adds as soon as they spawn and it will be dead in no time. When the boss is at about 11k hp remaining. She will cast a spell and self destruct, splitting into a few Sea Horrors. Clean these up and collect your loot.

Fifth Boss: Primordial Dweller

HP: 62,965
Strategy: Avoid electricity clouds when he casts them. Focus down the Primordial Spawns when they pop up. Do not forget to avoid the spells he casts onto the floor(void zones). I would suggest everyone stay in melee range and get out only when he casts an electric cloud in that spot. This makes the adds within kill range for everyone right away and eliminates void zone spawns (They only spawn on people not in melee range).

Sixth Boss: The Ur-Draug

HP: 96,869
Strategy: Finally, the final boss of the Polaris.
There are four phases to this fight.

Phase 1
The Ur-Draug will constantly case 2 main abilities during his first phase: Slam and a frontal cone electrical cleave. You need to avoid them and stay behind/to the side of the boss if you are not the tank.

Phase 2
During this phase, you phase out into a very Blue Version of our world. Everything becomes tinted Blue. The Ur-Draug gives himself a major buff in this realm and begins to spawn adds. You need to stop all your dps and start to hide behind the rocks, kiting the boss so to speak. Everyone needs to stay together and run from rock to rock, running away from the boss. Kill the adds as they come to you and keep avoiding the boss until everything goes back to normal.

Phase 3
Phase 3 is exactly like phase 1 except The Ur-Draug will cast 1 more AoE (Area of Effect) spell from the middle of the room. You need to avoid it by hiding behind a pillar.

Phase 4
When The Ur-Draug will have about 4-5k HP he will buff him self with Strength From Beyond again. Don’t bother hiding this time, just zerg him down. Congratulations. You’ve just completed the Polaris dungeon.

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