The Secret World Patch Notes for July 10th, 2012
The Secret World Patch Notes for July 10th, 2012

The Secret World Patch Notes for July 10th, 2012

There’s a good amount of fixed here, thankfully some quests we’ve been unable to complete and do write-ups are on in the list below.
Also, it’s good they finally addresses the in-game chat issues!

Check out the full patch noted and details below:



  • Fixed the cause of some stalls in performance while in Seoul.
  • When you zone, you will now be returned to you original dimension (unless you are in a team, in which case you will stay in the same dimension).
  • Fixed a visual issue where blood effects while using magic abilities would show green or orange square textures.
  • You can now use the Meet up feature if you are in combat stance, but not in combat.
  • Reduced loudness of Radio music during a cinematic with Sophie in Besieged Farmlands.
  • Weapons should now behave properly in the training areas.


  • The Athletic hoodie, blue now appears in the dressing room.
  • Fixed several clothing items that had the wrong visual looks compared to their descriptions.
  • Clothing in the item shop now matches their thumbnails.
  • The Neutral Faction pants and jacket should now get delivered correctly when claimed.
  • The Bubble Vest, blue item will now be delivered properly.
  • Players can no longer buy anything they already own from the clothing vendor.


  • Increased the size of pets.
  • Pets no longer collide with players.
  • Owl pets have had their visuals slightly improved.
  • All dogs now look like shown in the preview in the item store.


  • Addressed an issue which could sometimes prevent players from using chat while the servers were under heavy load. We are aware that this fix will not resolve all of the current chat issues.
  • The officers chat in a cabal is now restricted to only those that can see it.
  • Fixed an issue where it was difficult to select a chat channel if you left the game via disconnecting.


  • Hammer sounds have been improved.
  • Updated the Striker ability to properly apply damage when the target is hindered.


  • Fixed several issues, including one regarding incorrect tooltips on QL 3 glyphs.
  • Updated all mission rewards to properly decompose into dust/fire/water as appropriate.


  • Hell Raised Normal – Recursia: Triggerthings have had their HP reduced by 20%. Elite and Nightmare Triggerthings are unchanged.
  • Hell Raised Normal – Recursia: Phase 3 will now trigger at lower health. Elite and Nightmare modes are unchanged, and will continue to trigger at the previous (higher) values.
  • Hell Raised Nightmare – Recursia: Recursia should now successfully cast Anima Eruption at any target in the fight, regardless of range.
  • Hell Raised – Machine Tyrant: The Machine Tyrant should now hit his targets more consistently.
  • The Darkness War : Nightmare mode buff Underworld Ward now works.
  • Nightmare mode minibosses will now drop Nightwatch level glyph kits.
  • Reduced the number of unique item drops from Nightmare bosses.
  • Gatekeeper’s Challenge : Gatekeeper’s damage output was reduced slightly.
  • Minibosses in Nightmare mode dungeons will now drop QL 10 blue items with a chance of QL 10 epic Glyph crafting kits.


  • The particles for Immunity are no longer overwhelming and easily noticeable on the larger bosses.
  • All guild related events (except for someone else in the guild joining up, leaving, and changing online status) should be displayed as onscreen messages now.
  • Right clicking one item then left clicking another item will no longer both close the menu and pick up the item.
  • Sending too much money should now only give you one onscreen message.
  • Compose Letter is now correctly called Compose Mail
  • Compose Mail “To(recipient’s nickname):” text field only accepts characters, letters and hyphens, as intended.
  • You can now use SHIFT-TAB to jump back between textfields when composing a mail.
  • Mails are now marked as read properly.
  • After confirming the deletion of a mail item, you will no longer have to manually select another mail – the next mail will be automatically selected for you now.
  • Holding an item on the mouse pointer and then clicking the right arrow (next page on store and sell) no longer opens a deletion popup.
  • “Expand Size Limit” in the store tab now looks like Expand size in your inventory.
  • You will now get feedback if you try to remove funds from your Cabal bank and you are of too low a rank.
  • Scrolling through your mail with the scroll wheel should now work correctly.
  • Changed the color of the envelop asset from red to white.
  • The prompt given to players when deleting mail with no attachments now reflects that there are no attachments in the message.
  • Messages can now be sent if the message body only contains numerical characters.
  • Fixed an issue with the Expand size on the store tooltip.
  • The split item GUI should no longer misbehave when splitting a stack in the guild bank or store and sell tab.
  • You are no longer able drag and drop items to the Compose Mail attachment through the Postal Service windows.
  • Placing an item from normal inventory over the bank GUI will no longer cause the bank GUI to grab the item.
  • Read mails now appeared greyed out after being read.
  • Improved the visibility of receiving mail.
  • Fixed the ability to send cash without having to write a message as well.
  • Increased width of drop down menu components to support longer text.
  • Players are not able to type more than 4000 characters in the text field. Larger text pastes will be truncated. There is no visual indication that you have reached the limit.
  • Trying to take a mission that puts an item in the inventory when the inventory is already full now shows the message „One of the Mission Goals failed to create. Make sure you have an open slot in your inventory. „
  • Depositing an item in the same cabal bank slot at the same time will no longer cause the player to become unable to receive items.


  • Spectres in Blue Mountain should now be a little easier to defeat.
  • Teeth have been fixed on several NPCs.
  • Lair monsters should no longer block the path to where Gravedust can be found.
  • City of the Sun God : Sutekh no longer walks through rocks on his daily constitutional.
  • New York : Fixed Charles Zurn’s hair.


  • Players will now appear as they should in the first cinematic.
  • Dragon – Into Darkness : Bong Cha’s congratulatory phone call will no longer echo to bystanders.
  • The Haunting: Fixed an issue where one task could fail during the mission.
  • The end boss in the mission Too Deep, Neesh-Um, the Stalker of Nightmares, will no longer aggro the player until his adds are killed.


  • Media popups for gravestones in Kingsmouth town should now appear correctly.
  • Fixed rubberbanding issue in Kingsmouth sewers.
  • Ravens will now properly fly off during missions when they are supposed to.
  • Player can pick up the flamethrower and get the finished product when on Tier 3 of the mission Flame Away.
  • Dead Air : The mission should always be completeable now. The crate will respawn after the filth hulk dies and can be interacted with so long as there are players with Tier 5 active.
  • Dead Air : Waymarker is placed properly at the serial number location. The serial plate no longer has an empty tooltip.
  • Ambushes are now triggering properly, and will solve the goal on any player near the Lost Drone.
  • The Trapped Survivor in Kingsmouth Town should now respawn correctly after dying or completing the mission “That’ll Leave a Mark”.
  • That’ll Leave a Mark – Injured man will get into the fight more often, but if he manages to get to the sheriff without fighting, then the player can consider himself fortunate.
  • A Sacred Place : Dragging zombies into the church awards group credit.
  • Journey’s End can now be shared.
  • Adjusted the placement of the map and Beaumont’s Notes in Dawning of an Endless Night so they no longer have clipping issues with the tables they are on.
  • Made it more clear how to interact with the computer in Kingsmouth Code.
  • Horror Show – Collecting cameras now awards group credit.
  • Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance can now be shared.
  • The buff provided by the Siren’s Song during Dawning of an Endless Night now has a description.
  • The Hunger : The Voracious Wendigo is now killable.

The Savage Coast

    • Tolba Bay’s zombie population should now stay dead longer.

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