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The Secret World: Out of Our League Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Out of Our League Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Out of Our League Guide / Solution Blue Mountain Paul Gamelin - (236,641)   The Secret World: Out of Our League Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Out of Our League Guide / Solution13,330

Tier 1:  Go to the Coastline and Kill Deepcallers & Mutants

Head across the street towards the coast line.  Go down to the beach and begin killing Deepcallers and Mutants.  You need to kill three of each.

Tier 2: Kill Incubators, Brood Pods, & Broodwitches

When you finish with the Deepcallers and Mutants, you will need to go up the coast a little bit to find Incubators and Brood Pods.  You will need to kill/destroy 10 Brood Pods and 5 Incubators.

Next you will have to make your way to two Rekkr Broodwitches.  They will be even further north along the coast and are usually surrounded by many mobs.  Be careful not to pull too many monsters as you make your way towards them.

Tier 3:Kill the Rekkr Broodmother

Once the broodwitches are dead, the Rekkr Broodmother will spawn on top of a mini-cliff.

Make your way around behind the Broodmother(where the entrance to her rock is) and start going up.  Halfway up the rock you will find 2 Abyssal Atlantic Frenzy’s.  Slay them and proceed to butcher the Broodmother.

Tier 4: Kill the Hvammr-Lord

With the Broodmother dead, you need to stake the corpse on a Sharp Rock in order to anger the Hvammr-Lord enough to come out of the Fog and try to destroy you.  Good thing he’s a pushover.  He does a cool looking floor slam AoE ability if you get too close.  A good strategy if you are under geared is to move into melee range for a bit until he starts to cast the slam, then head out of range and kill him while he casts it.  It takes a long time to cast so he won’t be damaging you in the meantime.  When he dies your mission should complete.


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