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The Secret World: Old Gods, New Tricks Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Old Gods, New Tricks Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Old Gods, New Tricks Guide / Solution Scorched Desert Tanis - (550,447)   The Secret World: Old Gods, New Tricks Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Old Gods, New Tricks Guide / Solution12,500

Complete Walkthrough of the Mission Old Gods, New Tricks

Tier 1: Eavesdropping and Recover the First Artifact

Head over to the Cafe Giza.  You’ll recieve a phone call from your very entertaining friend (Assuming you’re Illuminati).  He will tell you to eavesdrop on the conversation, so head over to the marked pillar for a cut-scene.  

After the cut-scene is over, you will be put on a mission to tune the tracker to the first crate’s frequency.  You do this by right clicking on the item “GPS Tracker” that has been added to your inventory.  You will get the GPS pulse happening around you.  Head to the area marked on the map and find the first artifact crate.  It will periodically knock back everything within it’s Line of Sight, so in order to sucessfully click on it, you must hide behind the other side of the make-shift wall.

Tier 2: Recover the second Artifact

Just as in Tier 1, right click on the GPS tracker, head to the location on the map.  The second crate is against the wall on the back side of a building.

Tier 3: Recover the third Artifact

This artifact has a pulse aura that slows you.  Simply walk up to it and right click it to collect it.

Tier 4:

This one is on top of a roof and lets out a cool looking purple and white light show.

Tier 5: Recover the final artifact & Deliver the artifacts before the Liaison Leaves

The final artifact is slightly more complex than the first four.  When you click on it, a Herald will come by and snatch it away.  He will start running.  Chase him down, doing damage as you go.  He will eventually stop at the end of a bridge and transform into one of those Shadow Monsters.  Kill him and collect the crate.  Now you have to run to the location on the map before the timer runs out in order to hand over all artifacts to your Secret Societies Liaison.

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