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The Secret World: Of The Forest Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Of The Forest Guide / Solution

Type: Zone: Starting Location:   Reward:
The Secret World: Of The Forest Guide / Solution Besieged Farmlands Forest God - (1044,1027)   The Secret World: Of The Forest Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: Of The Forest Guide / Solution30,000

Tier 1: Examine the Great Tree

After you examine the Great tree, a cut-scene plays that gives you a preview of the areas you will soon be visiting.

When that’s over, start picking up Acorns of the Great Tree before heading over to the next area.

Tier 2: Cleanse the Polluted Valley & Kill Melterk

WHen you arrive, you will need to kill Dumpdigger Ghouls in order to get at the dirt mounds they are standing on to plant the acorns you planted earlier.

Once you kill enough Ghouls and plant a few new trees, you will have to find the source of toxins in the river.  Wander over to the area marked and look at the sewage pipe.  Our next goal will be to find something to cover it up with.

Stick to the fence if you want to avoid fighting the guy in the middle.  He isn’t particularly difficult, but why kill extra when you don’t have too.  One of the Metal Drum Lids will serve our purposes perfectly.  Pick one up and head back to the Slime Pipe to seal it off and stop the spread in this region.

When you seal the pipe, Melterk will spawn on the opposite side of the stream.  Take him out in order to continue.

Tier 3: Free 3 Prisoners of The Grove & Kill Litovoi Vintila

In the next area, vampires are holding prisoners to be sacrificed.  Liberate the people.

You will then be asked to defeat Litovai Vintila and free the would-be sacrificial victim.

Tier 4: Defend The Hallowed Tree

Whats a Vampire story without werewolves… /wrists.. At least the vampires aren’t sparkly.  At the next mission marker, you are tasked with defending a hallowed tree from a series of progressively more aggresive werewolves.

The last wave will be a single Invading Alpha.  Kill it and begin destroying the rotting carcass’ around the combat area.  This is one of the few times I believe a video game has asked me to clean up my own battlefield.

Tier 5: Destroy Corrupted Saplings & Kill Corrupted Warden

Kill three corrupted Faun’s in the next area.  They are the brown/silvery looking trees spread throughout the area.

While you’re here, pick up the quest The Uncorrupted Guide, a guide to which you can find here.

When the Fauns are dead, you will need to kill the Corrupted Warden.  Profit.


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