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The Secret World: Nightmare Dungeon Unlock – The Gatekeeper
The Secret World: Nightmare Dungeon Unlock – The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper Nightmare Unlock


1:st Phase

You need solid DPS or else you will die. If the boss kills you with “too slow” ( check combat log, it’s the actual ability name), then you were too slow.  Try to stay near the center of the map to start, move away from the first aoe circle that drops, drop a second one so that you have enough space in between to stand, then a third will drop in between, this can let you stay close to him a little longer and run around a bit less.
2:st Phase
At around 45k hp, the gatekeeper will float up into the air, you need to purge him within 5-6 seconds or else you will get one shotted. After purging this attack he will be passive for a few seconds, letting you lay on the damage uninterrupted.
3:rd Phase

During the third phase, he will summon an add.  Run around the outer edge of the circle kiting it while whittling away the Gatekeeper’s HP.  There is no time limit here, so just keep going until it dies.  The add will despawn after a time, at which point the Gatekeeper will just summon another one.


Video Guide

You will have a green add fighting beside you.  He will do all the damage to the boss that needs to be done.  Your job is to tank the boss and not let it cleave the green man.  If the green guy gets hit at all, the boss will 1-shot you and you will fail.  You need to get a few abilities to make this a million times easier.  Take 1 healing ability, either from the misc wheel, or from blades.  Use it every time it’s up.  Additionally, take 2 skills that will set impaired state.  This is needed because he will shoot you with a laser beam that would 1-shot you.  He does this twice, the first time around 40k hp and the second at around 25k hp.  After he shoots the 2nd laser and you get him down a little more, he will start summoning adds.  Pick them up so that they don’t hurt your green friend and the fight will be over before you know it.

During the fight, your green buddy will turn in circles (Both CW and CCW) around the boss, so keep him behind him.


Build Used by Unfair can be found here.  He had 2.1k Heal Rating at the time of the kill.  Your job here is to keep your green friend alive.  He will take care of all of the damage on the Gatekeeper, you just need to keep him alive.  Throughout the fight, you will need to stay on the very outer edge of the fighting area.  keep moving around the platform while healing your friend.  Since you only do 1 damage to the Gatekeeper, leech abilities are useless.  Keep healing and trying to keep your friend alive.  When the Gatekeeper reaches approximately 50%, he will place 3 DoT’s on you.  You will need to use Transfuse & Abuse to get rid of them.  Do not bother targeting yourself to top yourself off afterwards, all of your heals need to be going out towards healing friends.  A little while later, you will get more friends summoned to the platform.  1 of them will stand in a fire.  Make sure to keep everyone as high as possible.  Alternate heals between the friend who is tanking, and the friend in the fire.  Don’t focus on bringing one back up to 100% before switching, just keep them both around even hp and he should die soon enough.  You will most likely end the fight with them both being fairly low on HP.

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