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The Secret World: Mortal Sins Tier 22, 23, 24, & 25 Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Mortal Sins Tier 22, 23, 24, & 25 Guide / Solution

Tier 22: Find And Follow One of Mara’s Messengers

We found a Vampiric messenger running by the big gate here (I’ll go back in game and get coordinates + Update the post with them tonight).

The Vampiric Messenger will run to a latch @ 980,1150.  He will hang out inside there for a few seconds.  When a messenger is comes out, it’s not the Vampiric Messenger anymore, but a Hybrid messenger.  Time to follow him for a bit now.

The Hybrid messenger will run into this slightly bigger latch.  The mission seems to be bugged slightly as it took 2 minutes for him to come back outside.  Hopefully the time spent waiting around here will be lowered in a future patch.

He will eventually come outside again and you will continue following him.  He will take you to “the site” which you will find out is called “The Breach”  aka SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!! @ coordinates 1070, 820.

Tier 23: Follow Emma

When you approach the site, a series of cut-scenes will trigger.  Now here we came across something interesting.  You’re suppose to follow Emma to a new area @ 629, 640 for the second Cutscene in the video below, but it bugged out in a good way for us.  We didn’t have to actually go there for the cutscene, it just played right away.

Tier 24: Find The One

When all that is over, it’s time to find “The One”.  The One is at the heart of the mountain.  To get to him, you have to enter through the cave shown below @ 940,478.

When you get close to him, another cinematic will trigger.

Head on over to the Palace after the show is over.  The entrance is on the ground floor at the back end base of the mountain that the palace sits upon.  There are ice golems patrolling the valley behind it, so if you see them, you’re on the right track.

Tier 25: Enter The Palace Below & Confront Mara

When “The One” appears, he will open up the door for you.  It’s solo instance time, and I need to say, this is a tough one.  We had mostly QL 9 & 10 gear when we did this and it was hard.  Doable, but annoying.

The first enemy type you will encounter is the Royal Sadist.  Whenever these mobs start casting a blood circle on the floor, make sure your character is always moving so that you are inside of it as little as possible.  The other thing with these mobs… is that they are bugged.  They will show as having 0 hp, but will still attack you for a while.  The only attacks that will work against them when this happens are non-targeted AoE attacks.  Anything that requires a target won’t work on them.  The amount of times you need to hit them when they’re in this state will also vary from enemy to enemy.  I’ve had one that died after 1 more shot, and I’ve had one that I had to shoot 10 more times before it dies.  Good luck =)

When you make your way to the center and try to click the altar, you might notice that nothing happens.  This is because you’re missing a few body parts.  The body parts are dropped by the Refuse Collectors in the sludge below.  Don’t panic too badly, the slime isn’t poison to you, but you will have to go down there in order to kill them.  You cannot fight from above because they will just end up resetting.  The downside, the Royal Sadists can attack you from the top when you’re down there.

In order to fight these, pick an area filled with zombies and clear out the zombies while the refuse collector isn’t near you.  This will give you room to maneuver.  They have a large AoE that they shoot off quite often.  Be sure to get out of it unless you’re confident you can kill them before they kill you, or you can outheal the damage.  They drop body parts at random.  You need to get a Head, Torso, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, And Right Leg in order to activate the altar.

Start patrolling through the sewers killing zombies and refuse collectors as you go.  You might have to go up top and kill a few more Royal Sadists unless you’re extremely stealthy.  The bad news is, it seems the drops are random.  Unfair got lucky and got all 6 items on his first 6 kills.  I, however, got the torso three times in a row before getting the rest of the body parts.  (The refuse collectors re-spawn after a while)

When you have everything, put all the pieces on the altar.  You need to click where the body part would actually go and place each one separately.

When the door opens, you don’t need to fight your way into it, you can just run past them and into the room.  A cinematic will trigger and you will get out of combat.  Very nice since it saves you from fighting 2-3 of those enemies at once.

Ok, the fight with Mara is all gimmick.  When she does her gigantic red circle of death, fight her and her zombies for a bit.  When it gets close to blowing up, run behind one of the statues in the room.  Try to do this late so that she kills the zombies with it.  Unless you have aoe and are killing her and them at the same time in the center, in which case, yay.  If you get him, expect to take about 6k damage.  I was hit by the first one because I didn’t notice the statues right away BUT… my HP stayed exactly the same for the rest of the fight.  The zombies die quickly and don’t hurt during phase one.

When she goes to phase 2, she stops casting the giant circle of death and attacks you directly.  She does barely any damage, and should be easy.  The first phase is a dps check type fight, because if you don’t get her to phase 2 before you run out of statues, you’ll get hit by her next blast and probably die.  She gains a new ability during phase 2.  She starts casting bloody fountains everywhere.  Dodge them to avoid the damage while you keep blasting away at her hp.  When you finally “kill” her, a cinematic will play, marking the end of Tier 25 of Mortal Sins.

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