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The Secret World: Mortal Sins Tier 13, 14, & 15 Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Mortal Sins Tier 13, 14, & 15 Guide / Solution

Tier 13: Find And Enter The Dragon’s Tomb

In is the same building in the center of the graveyard that you visited previously, however, this time you’re going to enter from the front gate, go up the stairs, and inside the front door.

When inside, go all the way to the end of the chamber and make a right turn.

You will see a hidden tomb here.  Click on it and watch it descend all Indiana Jones Style.

Enter the solo instance and fill the Fountain of Life & Fountain of Death.

Tier 14: Capture The Essence of Dracula

Do this by clicking on the water.  You may need to click around to find a non-bugged click point.  I got it on first click but Unfair is cursed.  It took him 5 minutes of random clicking to get credit.  (You may be starting to see why his name is Unfair in most games…)

Tier 15: Take a Rubbing of The Eagle & Talk to Milosh

Click on the tablet below the only area that isn’t glowing to take a rubbing of it.

Once you have the rubbing, leave the hidden tomb.  When you try to leave the building, you will be jumped by a “Mara’s Assassin”.  One will spawn for each person that comes out of the tomb.  Kill it and move on to Milosh to talk to him about the Eagle (In cinematic form).

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