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The Secret World: Mortal Sins Tier 10, 11 & 12 Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Mortal Sins Tier 10, 11 & 12 Guide / Solution

Tier 10: Find & Activate The Source of The Stream

You end Tier 9 at the Tree of Life, and are told to find the source of the Stream.  So start following the Stream.

You will see the following when you reach the end of it @ 1175,910.

It’s Puzzle time.  Our goal is to gather the Water of Life, and there is an alphabet on the floor in front of the fountain.  After looking at the letters and seeing they weren’t all in English, we realized that we’re in Romania, and those characters must be in Romanian.  We pulled up google translate and typed in Water of Life.  It spit out “De apă de viaţă”  Viaţă looked similar to Vida (Life in Spanish) so we tried putting that it first and viola, it worked.  The order is shown below.

When you get the correct sequence, they will glow green and water will burst forth up ahead.

Simply click  on the Fountain of Life to gather its waters.

Tier 11: Find a Representation of Death

Tier 11 sends us off to find a Representation of Death.  We came across this statue while doing missions in the zone previously, so we decided to check it out.  Lo-and-behold, it turned out to be the correct one.

When you examine it, the following passage appears.

Tier 12: Find The Water of Death

To be perfectly honest, we didn’t actually read the engraving in the statue right away because we saw that the statue was pointing in the direction this stream was coming from so we took off after it.

At the bridge ahead of me, we found some Lore.  You may as well go grab it to.  See the enemy in the background along the river?  It had about 40k hp and we decided to try to kill it, see if it was anything special.  Now… we haven’t run any dungeons since Ankh, so all we have are questing greens.  We got it to about 10% before dying WHICH, turns out, was a good thing.

Because when we appeared at the anima well next to the statue, we saw pilgrim ghosts following the stream and it clicked in our head to re-read the message from the statue which discusses them.  Makes since that we’d have to be dead in order to gather the Water of Death at the source of the stream.

Follow the stream all the way and you’ll find the Fountain of Death.

Now make the run back to your body or the nearest anima well to resurrect and continue along the main story.

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