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The Secret World: Mainframe Guide / Solution
The Secret World: Mainframe Guide / Solution

Tier 1: Report to Kristen Geary

Here is the cinematic that plays when you speak with Kristen Geary

Tier 2: Report to Senator Cicero

Here is the cinematic that plays when you speak with the Senator

When that is done, pick up a uniform and read the infiltration notes.  You do not have to equip the outfit, it will appear as a buff that will automatically be placed on you when you get to the Orochi Building.

Tier 3: Head to the area Marked on Your Map

Tier 4: Find a Way To Access The Server Room

Now that you have arrived, time to begin the stealthy mission.  Go on in through the front door, the yellow lights will not hurt you.  Instead, they put the Orochi Uniform buff on you which prevents you from casting any spells.  While the uniform will fool the regular workers, the patrolling guards and drones can tell you’re fake.  So be careful not to get caught.  If it happens, no big deal, it just teleports you to the start.

The first place you need to go to is up the stairs to the second floor.  The stairs are located behind the front desk.

If there are drones in your way, get past them by ducking into the side rooms and letting them pass before proceeding.  Ignore the laser beams in this screenshot, you’ll find out what they’re all about later in the post.

Once you are on the second floor, make a left turn and go into the hallway.

Go all the way to the end of the hall and enter the last door on your left (from the entrance).

Inside you will find an Employee ID card left unattended at a desk.

With Keycard in hand, go back to the center room (still on the second floor) and go through the door on the other side.  Enter the first door on your left.  Be careful, there is a guard that patrols this room and the one attached to it.

Make your way through the room you come into towards the adjoining room.  In the corner will be a card terminal attached to a computer.  Get to it.  Click on the card terminal to slide your keycard through it, then access the computer to elevate the security clearance level on that key-card.

With your increased security clearance, head to the server room and open it.

Inside you will log into the computer and access the Prometheus Initiative files.

Once you do that, it’s time to go to the third floor.  First enter the door with the Plethron sign above it.

Inside the first door on your left will be a computer and three incubators.  Access the computer and flush an incubator.

This will set off all kinds of alarms and serve as a perfect distraction.

Now you need to go to the end of the hall and enter the office shown below.

Inside you will find the Plethron Directors key-card on the desk.  It doesn’t stand out/have a thick yellow highlight, but it is there.  Zoom in if necessary.

With the first keycard in hand, head over to the other side of the 3rd floor to the Anansi offices.

The second key-card is past the same door as the Plethron Office, and it too is sitting on the big desk in the room.

With both key-cards now in your possession, open up the door to the Prometheus Office.

Once inside, access the computer and gather all the data you need.

This will trigger alarms.  Security gets steps up quite a bit.  There are laser beams all over as well as an increased number of drones to avoid.

Get past them by ducking into the side rooms and letting them pass before proceeding.  Do this until you make your way to the second floor Server Room.  Inside the server room, access the computer and disable the Turret Security that poped up on the first floor.

With the Turret system disabled / scrambled, you are free to walk out the front door after you make it to the first floor.


Tier 5: Return to Senator Cicero

Here is the cinematic that plays when you enter the room.


Tier 6: Return to Kristen Geary & Head to Transylvania

Here is the Cinematic that introduces you to Transylvania, aka “Vampire Country


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