The Secret World: London Underground (Templar) Guide / Solution
The Secret World: London Underground (Templar) Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: London Underground (Templar) Guide / Solution London ??   The Secret World: London Underground (Templar) Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: London Underground (Templar) Guide / Solution???

We are currently playing Illuminati characters and look forward to playing the other factions when our initial play-through is complete. 

However, we don’t want to neglect our Dragon and Templar fans!

If you have a mission guide, walkthrough, or video of any Templar or Dragon Specific Quests we’d love to hear from you!
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Try to to keep the format similar to our other guides if possible, but we’ll work with anybody willing to help!

Thanks to Don Boell for the following write up.

Just completed.  Start out same as Dragon by zoning in and getting the weapons cache.  Templar mission is simple – defend the position for 5 min.  You are given ample time to set up defenses and you get several NPCs to help.

Think “point defense kill zone” and you know how this works.

There is a sandbag bunker along the left wall on the SW side of the room (just to your left when you pick up the ammo crate).  I set up a turrent facing north and another facing east, covering pretty much all angles of advance.  I then sprinkle the mines outside the bunker in an arc stretching from doorway just to my front left around to my right side.

Gear is QL8 blue – complete Magus Deck build with one of the useless skills tossed for the 600ish HP self heal from Misc Survival tree.  Trinks are all QL9 green.

Defend wave after wave for 5 min.  The turrents, mines, and NPCs do a good job of thinning the herd initially.  I stood back in the bunker and hit everything at range with ELE (AOE and single target Magus attacks) and used the shotgun in close with the single target Magus build finisher.

Self healed when needed between waves.  No pots needed.


Take the sword you get (artifact) to the guy that looks like Hagrid in the library and hand it over.  Return to Dame whatshername at base and get the reward – $, AP, SP, and a rank advance to Commander.  Checked to see if this came with a new multi-slot coat but don’t see one in my dressing room so assume not.


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