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The Secret World: London Underground (Illuminati) Guide / Solution
The Secret World: London Underground (Illuminati) Guide / Solution

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The Secret World: London Underground (Illuminati) Guide / Solution New York Kristen Geary   The Secret World: London Underground (Illuminati) Guide / Solution   |   The Secret World: London Underground (Illuminati) Guide / Solution???

So, I have a video guide down below, but this user submission blows it the hell out of the water. INFINITE thanks and mad props goes out to TheGreyWalker for this incredible Guide + Map. I mean… Look at that thing! We’re going to have to step up our game after seeing something like that. Without further adue… The Guide for London Underground (Illuminate Version) [Minus Motion Sickness]


The video provided by Volaric was great until somewhere around the middle when he says “You just run this way..” And his erratic camera movement for a long portion of the explanation really makes it difficult to follow and have any idea of where he is running to if one had never been in this instance before — still, it was helpful, so thanks! Due to lack of clarity and much confusion,  I had taken the time to run around and manage what I could of the layout (mind you the map is not at all to scale but you will see it relates well enough).

As  long as you do not set off mines which may spawn combat opponents, you’ve got most of the map to yourself outside of 3 potential opponents along the way (For areas 1 and 2 there is a possibility of a double opponent spawn).  Aside from turret guns stationed throughout, your adversaries primarily use blood magic and hammers.  If you die along the way, all your work is saved and opponents dead – but beware of the time clock!  Also, sprint is your friend and use it as much as possible. You will receive a couple phone calls from The Eye, don’t stop and listen, just keep moving.

#’s in the bullets correspond with the map at the bottom.

  1. Head on in,  activate sprint and hook around the first bend to the right while avoiding the land mine. You might encounter an adversary  here, kill it. Hang a left at the end of the hall (only direction you can) and go until you see an opening in the hall to your left.  Take that and the immediate right thereafter.  You just avoided the three turrets, good. Run to the end of that all until encountering a cross section, you will encounter an adversary here, kill it.  Turn left and to your immediate left is a small room with cargo boxes and two floor mines.  Go in carefully and grab yourself a stack of mines from the crate on the floor, then sprint back exactly as you came toward the beginning of the instance.
  2. Passing the would-be left turn  to the instance entrance, go forward quickly and turn right into another small and narrow room before the turrets can activate.  In here you will meet another adversary, kill it then plant a mine on the yellow outlined panel on the wall near the room entrance.  Run immediately back out the door and follow your way back around to where room #1 was.  Redundant, yes, but necessary. Don’t wait to watch the explosion, the clock is ticking.
  3. Directly across from the entrance to the room with the mine crates is another corridor which veers to the left only.  This is the route you want to go, and there are turret guns up the steps which activate quickly.  Running past is questionable (at 75%+ sprint speed I could not do it).  Do not worry, just run up those steps and slam yourself into the corner lip of where the wall and slight archway extension just to the left of the turret guns is – no need to jump over, just run straight into that corner niche and let the guns fire then cease as they will not hit you if you are quick.  Right click to attach a mine to them and run back around the corner in front of the mine room and voila!  Turrets are taken out.
  4. Sprint back around the corner and past the now defeated turret guns all the way down the hall, another set of turret guns await you (ignore the alarm on the wall which you will use shortly, but not yet). This time, however, you need to hop over them and take a sharp left around the corner to hide behind a few stashed boxes.  Do NOT enter the room  beyond, do not agro the mobs in there. When you hear the guns cease fire, dart over, plant a mine on them and jump back behind the boxes.  Boom.  Those turrets are taken out. Mind the timer, don’t take too long on all of this.
  5. Retrace your steps to just behind the first set of turret guns you just took out.  On the wall is a yellow outlined alarm box. Affix a mine to it and  move out of range as it explodes.
  6. Following the route you took up to the double turret gun corridor, hand a right when facing the mines room and run past the first turrets pointed away from you and stop at the second.  Plant a mine and keep running, that will most likely be your exit when you leave the instance and it would suck if you died while leaving.
  7. Following the short distance of that same corridor, it veers right and steps are just ahead.  So are another set of turret guns.  Unfortunately these you do have to sprint past, hop over and just run as fast as you can to the second archway beyond them, ducking behind the lip of said archway until the guns cease fire. Optional: Plant a mine on them after this and keep moving, but it is not necessary.
  8. Locate the third panel at the end of this hall and attach a mine to it, then turn around 180 degrees to face what will be the main combat area room complete with multiple turrets and nine angry adversaries.  You will not enter it yet, however, and you must have sprint on already and be very quick for this.
  9. After attaching that mine, turn around and step forward to see another corridor leading off to the right just before the room entrance – take it!  With the destruction of the third panel all three barriers ahead are now down.  Sprint through the corridor, hang a sharp left before the dead end and run past a second entry to that same room, all the way until you are directly across from where panel number two was.  Here you will duck and hide between the two shallow lips of the archways. If you face them, you will see the adversaries running out of the room to your left, some may come toward you but turn and run the other way.  On your right, however, one will come upon you very fast, so kill them and make your way into the room from the northern entrance.
  10. What was about to be a serious ass kicking gifted to you by nine hostile adversaries should now be diminished to two opponents.  Take them out quickly, grab the relic out of the grotto-type-thing and sprint for the exit of the instance.

This quest is intended to be a stealth mission but in our numerous attempts to figure if that’s possible, we ended up just killing our way through.

You will need to be geared for this. QL9+ suggested.  – You’ll either start this mission by the usual “Rank Up” phone call, or if you were in the middle of something else, which is likely, you’ll have to head back to the Illuminati HQ to grab the quest again later.

Volaric did the mission as a Video this time rather than images and text walkthrough figuring it would be much easier for people to visually see how we completed it.
That doesn’t mean there aren’t better methods – so feel free to throw yourselves at turrets and let us know in the comments of any alternate methods to get the job done!

Watch the Video(Illuminati Version):

Volaric Says:  “This one is a little different, instead of my traditional written guide with pictures, I went with a video walkthrough. I’d really like to know what everyone thinks, so please do leave comments below critiquing it.”


Basic steps to get this done:

Step 1: Enter the Mithraeum in the sewers in London city
Step 2: Collect Timed Mines in the London Underground from the Proximity Mine Box
Step 3: Destroy the Defence Grid Power Supply
Step 4: Get behind Turrets on either side and blow them up once they reset.
Note on Step 4 from User Loki:

“There’s a way up without any turrets if you walk through the big hallway abit further, so you wont have to sprint past the turrets like you did”

Step 5: Blow up a Fusebox
Step 6: Circle to the other side of the main room & Destroy the Alarm System
Step 7: Run back to the Fusebox quickly without pulling mobs
Step 8: Collect the Crocea Mars
Step 9: Exit the facility


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